House and Cottage

Interior of a country house: a spring project from the Fazenda program

This is the case when all the fashion trends are perfectCorrespond to the designer's idea, and not vice versa. After all, if blindly follow the trends, the interior will be without a soul. And here there is a soul, and beauty, and practicality. This interior became the "hero" of the program "Fazenda" on the First Channel, aired on March 12 this year. And how wonderful that millions of people managed to see it! And for those who did not have time to review the details or get answers to all the questions, we have a surprise. The author of the project Anastasia Muravyova told us in detail about how her creation was born. Related articles Anastasia Muravyova, Designer-Decorator She graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, received an MBA from Bristol University. The design of the architectural environment was studied at the MARHI, she continued her studies at St. Martins College (London University of Arts). Participant of the TV project "Fazenda" on the First Channel, the author of numerous publications and lectures on design. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, presents his paintings at various art exhibitions. - In this project I worked with a room located on the second floor of a guest house at a dacha outside Moscow. The premise is intended for reception of visitors who will spend the night in the next room. I tried to take into account the wishes of the heroes who love natural materials, and focused on the forest and the river outside the window, so I chose eco-style and natural colors. The project has a lot of wood and almost no synthetic materials. The tree here is not only the main material, but also the key image. There are four men in the family, and I wanted to makeThe interior of some elements of masculinity, but still make it cozy and disposable to rest. The geometry of the room itself prompted me to use clear lines and rigid shapes. So to a large amount of wood I added metal, concrete and generally tried to create a contrast everywhere: rough brick and soft velvet, brutal forging and gentle pastel. The room has a sloping ceiling, the lowest point -Only one meter in height, and I decided to sew up these uncomfortable zones, preserving the symmetry of the room. Thus, on each side of the window there were closed storage places. At the same time, it was possible to maximally use the space under the roof slopes, and leave the center of the room more free, for rest and feast. To emphasize the height of the ceiling and set the scale, false posts with decorative metal elements were designed. Under the ridge of the roof there is not one chandelier, but an entire original group of fixtures. In the center of attention - a bio fireplace, linedBrass and concrete, against the backdrop of a decorative panel of wooden tiles, which is made from previously used granary boards. Of the same material - the table top of the coffee table on a metal table, which forged on my sketch. The image of the forest appears on the wall under the bevel of the roof in the form of wallpaper with a popular print, but not in their usual performance, but with amusing golden pears. With these pears, the sconce, which was specially made for the project from a golden retro lamp, echoes. The forest motif is repeated on the lampshade under the ceiling, on the forged table in the large table and in small details: the handles of the lockers, the tips of the curtain rod. The dining area has its own interesting details,Such as a box design that replaces the shelving. It is designed according to the principle of the designer: the boxes can be added and removed, placed vertically or turned to the side. The table is made of slab of karagacha, and the base of the rack is lined with brass panels. In this interior, I used one of my favorite techniques - a lot of white. Against this background, fresh natural wood, concrete and textiles of light gray shades are combined with black, golden and bright yellow accents. Another touch that I try to make in each project is a picture. For this interior, I myself painted a spring landscape with pastels. Related articles Artist Anastasia Muraveva The project uses:

  • Forged products (tables, curtain rod, rods on the ceiling, cabinet handles) - "Blacksmith atelier number 1";
  • Wooden panel on the wall, tabletop top of the coffee table - Flitch Design;
  • Brass panels - Grosstek;
  • Concrete (fireplace lining, countertops of coffee tables) - OOO Voenresurs;
  • Slab on the dining table - Remendo Wood;
  • Chairs, "Restoration" chairs;
  • Paints - Manders
  • Plaster, art-concrete - "France-Deco'R";
  • Floor covering - Corkstyle;
  • Lampshade - artist Catherine Utkin;
  • Pouf and pillow with a zigzag - "Puffi Club";
  • Sofa - New Look;
  • Wallpaper - Cole & Son, O-Design;
  • Bio fireplace - "The City of Fireplaces";
  • Plinth - "Europlast";
  • A photo on the fireplace - "NADOSKAKH.RF";
  • Dishes, vases - Luminarc;
  • Door - "Department of doors";
  • Decor - Moshoztorg;
  • Decorative brick - Leonardo Stone;
  • Curtains, sewing - «TD TEXTILES»;
  • Coffee machine - Bugatti;
  • Screens for batteries - "Premier Profile";

Photo: Denis Vasilyev