House and Cottage

Interior of a country house: a good layout and a minimum of furniture


This country house has everything you need tolife, relaxation, reception of guests and absolute family happiness. This house was created for a hospitable family that loves order. The designers tried to take into account all the requirements of the customers, and this is how it was. Nadezhda Kaptelkina, Team7 She started working with furniture more than 12 years ago. Five years ago I discovered the Team7 brand and, as a result, became a fan of eco-design.

- This project is our partner work with the developer Lumi polar. As the project is individual, re-planning was not carried out.

The walls of the house were covered with a colorless stain.The artificial light here is natural and warm. The central three-tiered chandelier in the hall is the only "smart" element in the house. The main light source is natural light from.

We connected to the object at the design stage of interior design. We were lucky: the layout was very successful, all rooms of the correct form and correct the flaws of the designers did not have to.

The house has three bedrooms, two of themfurnished with furniture from Team7. This choice was not accidental - the house is surrounded by a forest, in a very beautiful place, and the owner wanted to focus on the unity with nature. Not to repeat urban interiors, but to make the house "breathe".

Few factories can affordthe production of solid wood furniture with the preservation of texture and covering with natural means, therefore the Team7 brand has become the main one in the interior design of both the kitchen and living rooms. The kitchen is made of solid wood with a push-to-open system.

In the kitchen behind the swinging doors the sections hidStorage for cereals and spices, as well as many organizers that provide order. Since several people can cook at the same time, for the sake of convenience we have provided an island part where two bar spaces, a sink and a hob are located.

Simple lines and natural colors of furniture dictate a minimum of decorative elements, even though it is already a habitable and hospitable house.

In the living room there is a large sliding table, indicating the intention of the hosts to receive many guests. Upholstered furniture is represented by the German manufacturer Tommy m. The office is very laconic. A table with height adjustment deserves special attention.