Interior design of the house from logs: materials, colors, accessories

A wooden house is a sample and a symbol of comfort andrest. In such apartments and breathe easier. But for the sake of completeness, it is important to choose the right interior design so that all the details merge into a harmonious single picture. Houses made of round logsEtchikol is the best design optionhouses from round logs. House of logs almost always carries a reminder of the naturalness and remoteness from the rapid world of advanced technologies. This is the best vector to hold, choosing the interior design. If the external appearance retains an authentic view of the log cabins, it is better to continue it in the internal one. The best interior for a house made of round logs is ekostil and its variations. You can stylize the rooms under the forester's house or the hunter's corner. To do this, it is not necessary to use mock-ups of weapons or stuffed animals, enough hints and correctly selected details. And the most pleasant: you can not be afraid of an abundance of decorative elements. This interior design is good in that it is extremely rare to have too many details, usually each of them makes the interior even more charming and cozy.

Colors and materials

When decorating a house from round logsit is recommended to keep a hint of environmental friendliness. For interior design, you can use almost any material: both unconditionally natural, and modern industrial, the main thing - to keep a hint of environmental friendliness. The natural wood, metal, stone will look great and organic. But these materials can be unpleasantly surprised by the high cost. They can be replaced and skillful imitation. For decoration of walls the natural wood array will approach. Zoning space is possible with the help of plots of the surface, decorated with plaster. A natural stone is useful if it is decided to decorate a fireplace zone or install a natural oven. You can not get involved in decorating the ceiling. Bearing beams are in themselves an ornament. For finishing the floor, a tree is usually used. You can give preference to the stone, but do not forget that the floor of the house from round logs often requires additional heating, especially if you plan to stay in the cold season. The same wooden cover will easily solve this problem. No less attention should be given to the selection of colors. It is from the color decision that the overall harmony of the interior design will depend. It is better to choose natural muted shades. In order not to be mistaken, it is enough to ask yourself the question, does this tone exist in nature in the band where the house-frame is built? All shades of gray, brown and green are welcome. If there is insufficient natural light in the house, you can correct the atmosphere a little by introducing shades of red and orange into the design of the room, but not necessarily too bright. In the role of stylistic accents, bright colors can also act, but they must be used carefully, dosing. Otherwise, they will delay attention, and the main figurant should remain a delightfully attractive natural tree. Back to contents</a>

Parts & Accessories

Fill the houses from round logs with the right mood will help properly selected accessories and functional elements. A win-win option is: Fill the houses from the rounded log with the right mood will help properly selected accessories: fireplaces, wicker furniture, books and textile accessories.

  • Fireplaces. Both natural and imitation. The flickering of the flames and the measured crackle will create the right atmosphere. And you can beat such a detail with the help of metal finishes or accessories for care. The fireplace can be installed in a corner or near a wall, creating a corner of comfort and privacy around it.
  • Wicker furniture. A rocking chair, a sofa, a low table, what else is needed for a measured rest. Such a set of furniture will look amazingly harmoniously at the panoramic window. And in the warm season it can be taken out on the veranda and enjoy the sounds of nature.
  • Books. Houses of logs are always filled with a special charm, in their walls each person finds peace of mind. And what can relax and pacify more than an evening spent reading a fascinating book? And the books, carefully placed on the shelves, will already in themselves act as an excellent accent in the design.
  • Textile accessories. These elements of decor can not be neglected in any case. Plaid, casually lying on the arm of the rocking chair, a fluffy carpet in front of the sofa, soft cushions in front of the fireplace. Perfection of interior design lies in the details. Especially it concerns the house from the rounded log.
  • Correct lighting. And it's important not to forget about enough light sources. Massive chandeliers, original floor lamps, table lamps, each functional area should have its own lighting.
  • Details. And of course, the design will not be complete without the little things that set the mood. To decorate the kitchen you can use clay pots and curtains of pastoral colors, in the bedroom there should be room for photographs of the framework and an antique or pseudo-antique chest. A study of the design of the living room with a fireplace - this is completely fascinating game. On the portal of the source of fire, you can equip a whole wall of pride and memory, hanging photos, letters and embroidered pictures on it.
  • Decoration of the building from round logs -this is a creative game. You can not be afraid to overdo it with details: surrounded by a majestic woody array, the abundance of the right decor will look cute and charming.