Interior of the hall 17 sq m: recommendations and examples of design


The small area of ​​the apartment is not a problemto create a harmonious interior. In this case, it is necessary to think through every detail to exclude the clutter effect and try to visually expand the space. Arrange the interior of the hall 17 square meters. meters - a simple task, if you clearly plan the actions and determine the final result. Square Living RoomPicture 1.The interior of the hall should not be overloaded with unnecessary details - it should be light and comfortable. The hall is the hallmark of housing, as it is his guests who see first of all. It is not for nothing that this room is also called the living room. It is important for her to create the most comfortable and cozy design, because it is here that all household members spend their leisure time after working days. it is recommended to make the area light and bright, but the choice of style direction depends on personal preference.

Skillful combination is the key to success

Since the living room is 17 square meters. meters is not so small, it can be divided into functional areas. And zoning is performed not only by finishing the room or color contrast, but also artificial columns or cabinets. Quite attractive is the design of the hall with an additional fifth wall, which can look like a plasterboard box with glass shelves. Such a partition can serve as a bookcase, as well as other small items, such as statuettes, indoor flowers and others, will fit on the shelves. Figure 2. Sofa-window-sill is an elegant and unusual place for rest, which saves space in the room. If the shape of the living room is more like a square, rather than a rectangle, then the furniture will be well placed in the center of the room. Thus, the room will look more spacious, and there will be a place for creating another functional area. For example, a cozy corner for reading. To begin to design such design of a hall it is necessary after the logic beginning which usually is a fireplace or the TV will be defined. Starting from these objects, it is necessary to build a composition (Fig. 1). It is important to remember that when building a room with a small number of square meters you need to use only the most necessary furniture, otherwise the interior will look cluttered and plain. Back to contents</a>

How to apply for a window opening?

Recently, owners of small-sizedApartments, making out the design of the hall, are increasingly abandoning the curtains. This allows you to make the room more light and light. But this option is not suitable for everyone, as it will make housing "transparent", which can entail a lot of inconvenience. Using the usual curtains visually reduces the area of ​​the living room, so it is important to achieve the effect of "dissolving" the window opening. It is forbidden to force a window sill with various objects and indoor plants. As an alternative, it is recommended to pay attention to Roman blinds or semi-transparent blinds. If necessary, they can be raised or lowered. Those who do not want to install such mechanisms can hang tulle windows. Figure 3. The scheme of the device of a tension ceiling. When designing a hall design, you must pay attention to every detail. For example, conventional batteries can ruin the final result, so it is better to replace them with flat modern heating systems. Recently, the interior of the hall began to introduce such a novelty as a sofa-sill, which is great for small rooms. The sofa-sill is not only beautiful, but also practical, because under the folding seats there is a niche where you can store things. An important point is that such a corner can be made for everyone, provided that there are tools and materials (Figure 2). Back to contents</a>

Ceiling options

A lot of controversy is caused by such a moment as finishingceiling, because in many ways it affects the design of the hall. Someone resorts to the usual methods, for example, plastering or staining, and someone to more modern and practical - the installation of tensioning structures. If the room has small dimensions or low ceilings, then the best option for it will be glossy stretch ceilings. Thanks to the reflective effect, the room will appear more spacious and light. In addition, glossy cloths with properly installed lighting look very impressive. Stretch designs are presented in a wide range of colors and design solutions, which allows you to choose the best option for any design. It is not necessary to adhere to standard light tones when decorating a ceiling, they can be selected for basic decoration or combine several shades at once. Thus, you can diversify the interior of the hall (Figure 3). As for lighting, the designers do not recommend installing large chandeliers in small living rooms. An exception may be the case when the design of the hall is made in the style of minimalism, and the chic massive chandelier is the main accent. If the room is furnished with enough furniture, then the chandelier should be small in size and without hanging elements. As an alternative, you can install spotlights. Back to contents</a>

Wall decoration and placement of accessories

Walls in the living room 17 m2performed in pastel light colors. As a finishing material, you can use paint, wallpaper or plaster. Wallpaper with an unobtrusive fine pattern or ornament in the form of vertical elements is allowed. The number of accessories on the walls should be reduced to a minimum. Pictures and photographs should be framed in thin frames of light tones, so as not to weight the interior with massive elements. Quite attractive will look glass shelves, placed in a stepwise order, which will comfortably accommodate various statuettes, awards, books and other trivia. If the interior of the living room provides a cabinet, then it must be flat, so as not to block up the room. Think about the interior of the hall of small sizes better with a professional designer, as he will give good recommendations and offer examples of design. Objects of furniture are best ordered on individual sizes, so that they fit perfectly into the overall concept.