Interior of the hall in classical style: color solutions and materials

The modern interior can be decorated in anystyle. Designers use various techniques and techniques to make the room individual, beautiful and comfortable. Not so long ago, ultra-modern furnishings that had features of minimalism were popular, but a return to the classics is gradually being traced. Classic is a harmonious, cozy atmosphere, a sign of excellent taste, prosperity, respectability. Interior design of the living room in a classic styleLiving room in the classical style is distinguished by wealthdecor, symmetry and harmony. This interior seems simple and refined at the same time. Making out the living room in the chosen style, you should pay attention to numerous features and requirements. Materials are used only high-quality and expensive, during the finishing it is necessary to observe the symmetry, harmony between the individual parts. The interior of the hall should include various accessories, decor items. These are paintings, moldings, figurines, mirrors. The color scheme in this style should be calm. Pastel shades are suitable, cream, beige, light blue, light purple. The situation itself is distinguished by grace, a certain solemnity. It shows the wealth, the sense of proportion. For the environment, gilding, embroidered fabrics can be used, but when choosing such elements, care must be taken so that the situation does not turn out to be overloaded and vulgar.

Features of classic style

To create a living room in a classic styleneed a spacious room. The interior of the hall in the classical style for many centuries was relevant. He can take different features, the canons of design remain the same. This style demonstrates prosperity, respectability, sense of style of the owner of the house. The modern classic style, which is used for living rooms, includes the following features:

  • neoclassicism of the 20th century;
  • empire;
  • classical style of the 18th century;
  • baroque;
  • rococo;
  • elements of English classicism.

Using the best features of the listed stylesallows you to choose the most necessary and suitable, and combining them with modern materials and techniques of the environment allows you to get a decent result. Laws of the atmosphere of the hall: For the living room in a classic style, large plants are suitable flowers: palm, ficus, monstera, hibiscus.

  • The space should be designed symmetrically, it is necessary to observe a clear structure in the arrangement of all elements.
  • High quality of all used materials. They are all expensive, cheap accessories and counterfeits can not be used. Fabrics, wood are used only natural, finishing them must be fine and elegant.
  • The interior of the hall must include elementsantiques. Sculptures and paintings are better to choose those that are made specifically to order under the appropriate conditions. It must be remembered that the classical style is individual, it must fully reflect the tastes of the host.
  • Interior should be luxurious, but notvulgar. It is important to strictly observe the line without crossing it. Various knick-knacks, mirrors, accessories are only welcome, but they should be chosen carefully and carefully. All of them, as well as lamps, candlesticks, sconces on the walls, should harmonize among themselves, complement each other.
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    Classic interior with your own hands

    Picture 1. All furniture must be in the same style. The classical style makes special demands on space. You can not overload the room, clutter it with furniture, various accessories, as the overall impression is not the best, and the harmony will be broken. Attention should be paid to the place for which the design is planned. For a roomy living room there are more options for the environment than for a hall in a small apartment. For example, for a small living room, you can not use massive curtains or a large amount of furniture. In any case, attention should be paid to how to zonate space. The classical style is very demanding for this, it is necessary to have furniture carefully, around the central zone and the situation will be created. For the hall of a private house you can use a fireplace or a large dining table. This will be the central element, around it already have to create an atmosphere, decor items, various furniture. The overall situation should be harmonious. All furniture should be made in one style, as in Fig. 1. You can not take a sofa of one kind, and chairs - of another. The interior of the hall in the classical style is designed for:

    • reception of guests;
    • organization of festive meals.

    If the space is large, thenorganize 2 central zones. Each has its own rules for arranging furniture. For example, for reception of visitors it is necessary to use upholstered furniture, comfortable armchairs, chairs, coffee tables. But for the organization of the holidays dining tables and chairs are put, convenient shelves, wooden cupboards can be placed around the walls. Back to contents</a> Color solutions and materials In the living room in the classical style the central zoneshould be located around the table, fireplace or home theater. The interior of the hall in the classical style is distinguished by some features. Classic style involves the use of pastel, soft colors. Excellent match beige, milk, sand, light blue, light green, light yellow, brown. For interior use of gilding, it is used to decorate walls, columns, draperies, upholstery furniture. You can not decorate the room in bright and intense colors, they do not fit. The number of shades, which will have an interior, should not be more than three. Walls are allowed to use wallpaper, but they must be of high quality. They can be tissue or paper. You can use a large or small ornament. For the decoration of walls suitable wooden panels that have carvings, decorated with mother of pearl, hand painted. Supplement the situation can be semi-columns, they will give the overall interior more expressiveness. For work, you can use gilding, but here you have to observe the measure, so that the design does not turn out to be flashy and overloaded. For the floor, only two options are perfect. This is a solid wooden board and parquet. If the means allow, the interior of the hall in the classical style can be made using marble floor tiles. This option is expensive, but the result will be stunning. The ceiling is used expensive finish, but most often it becomes white. This style allows you to keep strict features and space. To give the finish elegance, you can use for the ceiling the finest hand painting. Today, stretch fabric ceilings are popular, which already have such a list, but professional designers do not recommend getting too involved with such options. Classic style loves rigor, natural materials. Back to contents</a>

    Example of drawing a living room in a classic style

    Figure 2. Classic style involves the use of pastel shades, both in the design of walls, and the choice of furniture. How to use the classic in the design, you can see in Fig. 2. The living room is made in full accordance with the requirements, the situation is symmetrical, there is a clear structuredness. For finishing, warm and soft tones are applied. For walls, a wallpaper with a rather large pattern is chosen, but it is such rounded forms of curls that soften the severity of lines, forms of accessories and furniture. The ceiling is strict, it is painted white, a large chandelier is installed in the center. On the walls are symmetrically strengthened small sconces. On the table near the wall stands a small table lamp, as an additional source of lighting used candles, which are placed in decorative elegant candlesticks. There is a large window. In the center of the room is a small table, around it is the rest of the furniture, which should be quite expensive, but elegant, not too flashy. The upholstery fabric is natural, it can be decorated with embroidery, the pattern can repeat the ornament on the curtains or wallpaper of the walls. For the floor is used natural parquet, on top of it is laid carpet, the color of which repeats the shade of sofa cushions. This allows you to focus directly on the center of the hall. What can tell such an interior of the hall? This situation characterizes the owner of the house as a business and solid person who has a high intellectual potential. Its stability is stable and high, there is an excellent sense of style, harmony. The classical style in decoration today is increasingly used. It not only gives the room more coziness, but it is also an optimal option for any home. Decorate in this style is best spacious rooms that are well lit. Materials that will be purchased for the environment, should be natural, not allowed to use cheap items, too fanciful and bright accessories that violate harmony. This interior is not cheap, but the result will be impressive.