Interior of the hall with your own hands: choose style and decoration materials

The atmosphere in any home depends entirely oncompetently selected interior design. And especially this statement is true when it comes to one of the main rooms of the dwelling. The design of the hall with your own hands in the house is easy to create. But how it will be - comfortable and comfortable or, on the contrary, uncomfortable and repulsive with chaotic selection of decor elements, this is another matter. If it is decided to change the house, the recommendations given below will help a lot in this. Decoration of the hallThe interior of the hall should be made in harmoniouscolors, furniture should not pile up the room. Since in this room the households will spend a good part of their time, gathering with the family, accepting guests, the interior of the hall in the house should be thought through to the smallest detail. Our apartments do not shine with large areas, this means that someone from family members have to sleep in a common room. Having undertaken to design an interior of a hall, it is necessary to not forget about it (fig. 1). Picture 1. When choosing furniture for the hall, the main condition is comfort, and it is not important whether it is fabric or leather. The sofa in this case should be a transformer and it is easy to fulfill the role of a full-fledged sleeper. Better still, if it accommodates an orthopedic mattress. The rest of the furniture should be selected, taking into account the habits of all family members. In other words, you need to think over such moments:

  • whether the workplace will be located in the hall of the house;
  • whether there is a tradition in the family to gather crowded feasts on weekdays and on holidays (if so, you should think about having a large sliding table);
  • Is it permissible to place a capacious wardrobe under the clothes here?
  • whether there is a solid library in the house, for which you need to find a secluded place with protection from direct light and dust.

Choose a style in the interior of the hall

Choosing a style solution for the decoration of the living roomindependently, should be guided by the preferences of the household, and then already look back at the fashion trends and trends. If you decide to follow only fashion, then be ready every year to change the design of the hall. Classic style in is just the golden mean that will help to cope with the situation. Since the classic is not subject to strong changes and is relevant at all times, it will not be necessary to change the design of the hall for at least several years (Fig. 2). Back to contents</a>

We choose finishing materials in the interior of the hall

Flooring. Figure 2. Classic style in the interior of the hall is relevant at all times, so it will always look modern and beautiful. If you are looking for an ideal floor covering, then until recently it was carpet or carpet. If you decide in their favor, then even in winter you can walk on the floor barefoot. In addition, the fluffiness of the carpet or carpet will visually provide the design of the room with warmth and comfort. It is advisable to place the coating either on the entire perimeter of the floor or in its central zone. But the carpet already becomes the past, since the fashion, as already mentioned above, is changeable. Difficulty in maintenance and accumulation of static electricity, the possibility of an allergic reaction - all this makes us get rid of this material. A variety of decorative options and affordability deservedly endowed the laminate with the palm tree of the championship in home repairs. Laminated cover provides a stylish interior. After starting the installation of the laminate, the presence of a so-called substrate should be envisaged. Its presence is explained by the need for a smooth base for laying the main coating. If finance allows, it is better to put a cork or a natural tree. Decoration of the ceiling zone. Figure 3. When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention not only to its attractiveness, but also functionality. The optimal solution is the arrangement of a stretch ceiling. Especially if the repair is done on its own and without the necessary skills. It is possible that careful alignment of the ceiling with subsequent painting will be cheaper. But what can be compared to the beauty of a suspended ceiling structure? Especially now, when such an invention of builders began to be supplied with LEDs, creating diffuse lighting or the effect of the starry sky. The combination of a plasterboard structure with built-in lights will give any room the most unusual look. Especially impressive is the picture above your head. Wall decoration. Practitioners prefer to combine painted walls with wallpaper on wallpaper. The wallpaper can be picked up with a pattern, paint the same tone. It's fashionable to use wallpaper. Back to contents</a>

Choice of furniture options

When choosing furniture, it is important not toonly on its attractiveness, but also take into account functionality. The latter is very important for living rooms, which do not have a large number of square meters (Figure 3). To save space, the TV can beplace on the wall. Most often use a set of upholstered furniture (sofa with armchairs). It is diluted with a coffee table, home theater and a music center. For solemn ceremonies in the hall, a table must be placed. It should be compact or collapsible. In the recreation area, they put upholstered furniture, but on the contrary they display equipment (the panel from the cinema or the TV). Until some time it was considered popular to install a furniture wall in the hall, the functionality of which was in great doubt. But it is well accumulated dust, which was regularly washed. Today, these bulky structures have replaced light racks, which accommodate many accessories, photos within, books, albums and disks. Choosing a sofa, it is important to provide that the seats for landing on it went to everyone living in the house. Not bad with this task is coped with furniture-transformer, which, if necessary, will accept additional people. Back to contents</a>

Color design

Many already know how this or thatcolor on the perception and psyche of man. We will not repeat ourselves. We only caution against excessive use of red. This color is very active and in the subconscious is associated with danger, so it can cause a sense of anxiety. Overload the interior of the hall with various objects in red should not be. Bright colors inspire an active life. But the living room is not a gym, so the choice of colors should be more reasonable, you should dwell on quiet shades. Accessories should be combined in color with a common color solution in the hall and with its stylistic direction. You should pay attention to the choice of curtains for the hall. The model of curtains can be picked up absolutely any, if only it would answer the style of the room. The only type of curtains that will be out of place in the hall is, of course, the blinds. Such curtains on the windows will cause association of the room with the cabinet. Above it was considered what can be used to transform the main room of the house. Decide what can be used from this for your situation.