The interior of a small kitchen

Kitchen interior of a small area: use space wisely

So, maybe you don't have a Sub-Zero fridge,equipped with a double cooling system or even a built-in freezer in the form of a dresser. To maximize the use of storage space for kitchen utensils, you can use useful tips and tricks. Thanks to some really amazing tips and tricks, you will have more time to cook. Productive recommendations will help to transform your kitchen, and the dishes cooked on it will become more attractive and will get an amazing taste.

1. Equip your kitchen cabinets with special modules.

These cells are designed to store small items. They can be made of wood, metal or plastic.

2. Fill your lockers inside

To accommodate all sorts of sweets, usewicker baskets, boxes of various materials and plastic containers. On the door, install a special board, to which will be attached a variety of containers, as well as your favorite recipes or important notes.

3. Special door for streamlined storage.

Cover the hinged kitchen cabinet doormonochrome layer of paint. Attach several straps with hooks and place dimensional containers on them. Use the free space of the board for important notes, and you can write them down with chalk.

4. Organize a Julia Child style board

Fasten the perforated surface on the wall and hang it with miniature hooks: pots, lids, sieves and other kitchen utensils.

5. Placement of knives block down

Stick a special film on the bar of the magnet, now you can hang or put knives. They will never be randomly scattered throughout the kitchen.

6. Place on the shelves that does not fit in the cabinets

When you do not have wall cabinets, then all your charming dishes can be compactly placed on the shelves.

7. Spices on the fridge

Create on one of the walls of your refrigeratora kind of rack of spices. Put a magnetic base on the covers of small jars, sign them on the reverse side and safely place them in a convenient place for you.

8. Use the selected wall space to the last centimeter.

For example, you can arrange a window with narrow shelves, placing a variety of glassware on them. Such a filling space will be quite functional.

9. Install the shelves with magnets on one side of the refrigerator.

Attach plastic baskets equipped with magnets on one of the walls of the refrigerator. In such devices it is convenient to store spices, tea or coffee.

10. Pots and pans on top

Suspend all metal utensils at a convenient distance for you, after securing a special bracket.

11. Order ceiling

Above the kitchen table is extremely impracticalinstall wall cabinets. However, even in this situation, you can find the optimal solution. Equip the empty space under the ceiling with shelves. The main thing is that they are always kept in absolute order!

12. Storage systems for corner cabinets

Surely everyone came across a primitivethe inconvenience of corner lockers. However, even here there is a way out! You can fill its interior with pots and pans using special hooks or Lazy Susans rotating base.

13. Extending the workspace

Often a small kitchen space in fullleast can not meet all the needs of the hostess, because it does not allow to use the available space for work. In this case, you can temporarily combine the cutting board with the sink.

14. Command attachment system

You can equip the space under the sinkin two ways: using hooks or a special ribbon Command, attaching a small basket to it. This is the easiest way to attach to the back of your cabinets.

15. Best application for the cabinet under the sink.

This is a great place to put your hooks: household sponges, rags, protective gloves and brushes. It is important to clarify that in the deepest corner they usually place funds that are rarely used, and they put ahead what they use every day.

16. Original feed for your pets

Keep dog and cat food in a grain container. Due to its tightness, it practically does not allow any extraneous odors.

17. Curtain rod for covers

Use a small bar to hold the covers. In this case, they will always be at your fingertips.

18. One shelf to another

Install in your kitchen cabinet rack of several shelves. This is a fairly practical use of internal space.

19. Rack for dishes

Place all your chopping boards and baking dishes in a horizontal stand in one row.

20. Convenient serving table

When the dimensions of your premises allow, you caninstall a small additional table on wheels that will serve for many purposes. It will perfectly accommodate a variety of useful items such as: books, dishes and even a pot.

21. Narrow trolley

Even a narrow trolley can serveextra storage space. It can fit a variety of containers with sauces, boxes and packaging of spices, bottles of oil and vinegar, teas, coffee and much more.

22. Folding table

Such a kitchen fixture can serve not only as a place to eat, but also to cook it. Pay special attention to what you haveLost a huge amount of space just like that. Now that you have read the list of such important and necessary tips, you can experiment a bit in your small kitchen. We hope that the simple inventions proposed by us will be useful to you and will fit into the interior quite easily. After you put your soul into every corner, the kitchen will surely repay you with comfort and warmth.