The interior of small houses abroad

The interior of a small house: the legendary mobile home "Getway"

Today we want to tell visitors abouttrailer from Wisconsin, who finally said goodbye to the seventies and moved to modern times. Aaron and Amy Karman, active lovers of experiments, went on a hunt for the ancient “Eystream” trailers to carry out their refit and test. Having acquired the “Eaststream Caravel” of 1971 on one of the sites, the couple spent four years recasting the outdated avocado-colored interior, turning it into a bright and modern living space. Lightweight materials that do not weight the move, a TV and a stereo helped to turn an ordinary trailer into the perfect option for a portable vacation. As Amy said, she always saw him as a fort for adults.

Project in numbers

What: Trailer after reconstruction Owners: Amy and Aaron Karman Location: Milwaukee Size: 30 square meters. Time: reconstructed over four years Cost: about $ 6,800 Spouses Karman from the very beginning planned to do a reconstruction, so they could afford to buy a less worn-out version. However, they very much wanted their first experience in transforming Eystream to be successful, so they acquired an older model so that, while producing work, they could work and study at the same time. The design of this model has preserved some funny shapes and silhouettes that easily lent themselves to a more modern finish. Both spouses have tremendous experience in interior renovation, but the curved shape of Eystream and its small area created some difficulty at the beginning of work. Unlike all their previous projects, the reconstruction was very time consuming. They removed the entire interior of Eystream,carefully inspecting every centimeter to make a general picture of the reconstruction. The goal was to create a bright and vibrant space with lots of efficient storage systems. As Amy said, I had to put drawers and doors wherever possible. Additional cabinets were hidden under the benches, sink and countertop. Aaron created a green sculptural wall in the kitchen,using lightweight and durable wood material from Asia. Each piece was cut out separately, making up a kind of puzzle with the rest. Thus, the basis of the interior was unobtrusive greenish tint. Orange sofa, refreshing space with its brightness, if desired, turns into a full-sized bed. First, the couple wanted to make custom-made furniture, but instead purchased the usual affordable model in an ordinary furniture store. For finishing Aaron used new fittings,wall panels and mahogany countertops. In the bathroom walls are decorated with bamboo. The combination of pale peach and cream tones was taken as the basic color range. The couple chose natural wood as their main material, as it has less weight than stone or concrete. Here you can see the laminated surface of bamboo shades. In addition to the original stove and refrigerator, from the kitchen1971, almost nothing was left. New designer cabinets with bamboo inserts contribute to maximum light and clean interior. All appliances can be powered by both electricity and gas, so Karman chose this particular model. On the curved front and back of the trailerspecially ordered flexible finishes and special laminate. Elucidation of the technology of working with such a rounded body took quite a long time before the spouses reached the ideal result. Bamboo finishes are found in the bathroom, breakfast areas, as well as in the area where the bed of the daughter Amy and Aaron is located. Upper part of the ceiling in the breakfast areaequipped with a video system where the family can play video games or watch TV on rainy days camping. Moreover, the TV is hidden by a universal panel and extends only when necessary. The appearance of "Eystream", of course, also neededin reconstruction. The aluminum covering of the trailers, which was commonly used in these models in the 60-70s, began to deform, crack and fall off. Husband and wife professionally removed the coating and polished the outer surface, which had to spend a third of the total budget. But the result was great! In winter, “Eystream” is kept in a closed garage to avoid damage to the hull, although it is sometimes necessary to remove stains and rust. But this is a trifle compared to the work that was carried out in order to give the trailer a new modern look.