Interior of the living room in a private house: the rules of design, the choice of color and style

The living room is the main room in a private house, itsbusiness card. If in an apartment it in most cases performs several functions, then in a country house the interior of the living room can be called a full one. Correctly designed design of the guest room should take into account not only your preferences, but also architectural features of the whole house. Design of a living room in a private houseLight colors in the interior expand the space.

The basic rules for decorating a living room in a private house

Guest room in a country house is consideredmain presentation room, where they always try to create a unique interior that would most accurately emphasize the tastes and preferences of the owner. Professional designers in the design of the living room recommend adhering to some rules, thanks to which you will achieve an excellent result: When choosing furniture for the country-style living room, you should give preference to pine, cherry, beech or oak.

  • When designing a private house, one should take into accountthe following: if the estimated area of ​​the living room is more than 30 m2, then it should have an approximately equal ratio of width and length. Only in this case you can create a comfortable environment and, if necessary, zoning.
  • Visually judge the living room can not only by its dimensions, but also by the ratio of free space to occupied furniture and equipment. Ideally, this ratio should be 1: 1.
  • In the guest room is an obligatory elementThe furniture is a soft sofa and several armchairs. They can be made in both modern and classic style. Here everything depends on your taste. If you often come to the guests, then in the hall you can install a dining table. If you are not a fan of large companies, then the best solution will be a small coffee table.
  • In the living room must be conditionalCenter, which can serve as a normal TV or home theater. Today it is very popular to design a fireplace in the living room, which will be its main decoration, allowing to create a romantic atmosphere filled with warmth and comfort. By the fireplace you can put soft armchairs, and between them - a coffee table. On both sides you can place lockers or bedside tables for storing books, magazines, etc.
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    Color solution for decorating the living room

    Color matching scheme. Decorating the interior of the living room, special attention should be given to the choice of color. The interior of this room should be comfortable and suitable for both the reception of guests and for a relaxing holiday in the family circle. It is proved that the mood and well-being of a person largely depends on the color palette surrounding it. The choice of this or that color solution should be carried out not only taking into account the taste preferences of each member of the family, but also depends on the size of the room, its orientation to the side of the world and the chosen style. Neutral shades of the walls in the interior of the living room in a private house are always calm and elegant. White, brown, cream and gray tones - a classic option for rooms, which perfectly fits into any interior of the living room. Joyful mood and freshness can be achieved with the use of green walls. Yellow color will create a calm and friendly atmosphere, which is best suited for conducting friendly conversations. A good option would be a combination of yellow and purple. When choosing the color for the living room, the following rules should be adhered to:

  • Try to maintain a balance of colors. Bright colors attract attention. If the walls are finished in such colors, then the furniture should have a neutral shade, which will avoid the effect of imbalance.
  • The use of light colors will visually increase the dimensions of the room, and the dark ones will reduce them.
  • Arrange the ceiling in the same color as the walls. High ceilings can be painted in darker colors.
  • Use in the design of the living room colors of natural shades.
  • Combine space with the help of color - this will create an integral interior.
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    Variants of drawing up of a drawing room in a country house

    In a classic interior, it is recommendedthe use of pastel, warm and light colors. When choosing the style of hall decoration, you must be guided not only by your own preferences, but also by the recommendations of specialists. The most popular in a private house are:

    • classical;
    • high tech;
    • country.

    The classical style is characterized by the presencePastel colors, shape geometry and furniture made from natural materials. The classic interior uses pastel warm and light colors (different shades of olive, peach, beige), which give the room warmth and coziness. The colors of the furniture and walls should be close to each other. This will create soft transitions without the absence of sharp contrasts. The decor of the hall in the classical style should be balanced. At the same time it is recommended to decorate it with various handmade products made of natural materials: statuettes, mirrors, paintings, chandeliers, candlesticks. A characteristic feature is the use of products made of velvet, natural leather and brocade. Furniture in the classic design of the living room should look presentable. From materials should be given preference to pine, cherry, beech or oak. Natural wood can be replaced with artificial materials that mimic it (MDF, chipboard). The main attribute of such furniture is noble shades and rich texture. The decoration of the living room in the style of high-tech is carried out using modern materials and technologies. At the same time, the room should look rather simple and have strictness and functionality. In the arrangement of a room in the style of hi-tech in large quantities, plastic, glass and metal are used, and in rare cases - wood. Decoration of the living room in a country house in the country style is the direct opposite of the hi-tech style. In this case, it is necessary to use natural materials. This design will look especially successful in a wooden house. A mandatory attribute of this style is the fireplace. Also, you should use a large number of furniture of small dimensions: different tables, chairs, cabinets, bedside tables, etc. It is recommended to make the flooring with powerful boards, and the walls - with wooden lining. If you have a fantasy, you should not have any problems when decorating a living room in a private house. </ ul>