Interior of living room-bedroom: combining

in one room is necessary when the apartmentone-room. Such apartments are called studios. In one room you have to sleep and take guests. There are many ready-made design solutions for how to make such a combination successfully. Make it so that the only room in the apartment was an attractive living room, and a cozy bedroom. After reviewing the options, you can choose the one that suits you most. You can also invent something of your own. When combining bedrooms and living rooms there is a huge space for imagination. It is quite realistic to create an interior that will surprise guests and delight you with their comfort. Separation of bedroom and living room with a partitionPhoto 1. Using a gypsum cardboard partition, you can visually divide the living and sleeping areas.

If the room is only one

First of all, consider the option withre-planning. It can be a combination of a room with a loggia or kitchen. Very often in multi-apartment buildings of different years of construction, the room adjoins the loggia. In this case, or the doorway widens, to make an arch in its place, or the wall that separates the two rooms is demolished. It goes without saying that a loggia needs to be prepared. Quality glazing and insulation are being carried out. It must be borne in mind that in order for the interior design to turn out really well, it is necessary to decorate these premises in the same style. It should be just one room, not two different. Otherwise, the studio will turn into an apartment with two small rooms. Picture 2. Narrow racks are used for zoning rooms. With the kitchen room can also be combined, dismantling the wall. You just need to find out if it is a carrier. To demolish load-bearing walls is by no means impossible. The kitchen space is separated from the room by the bar counter. If its design is large enough, then it is possible to do without a dining table. A bar with a built-in bar will serve as an excellent place to receive guests. It will be good in this place to create a separate light zone. Help in this point lights, mounted in the rack. These two options for redevelopment will significantly increase the area of ​​the room, make it more spacious. On the loggia you can even arrange a bedroom, separating it from the common room with a light partition. Such a partition, properly made and installed, can play the role of bookshelves. Photo 1. Photo 2. Also on the loggia you can arrange a dining area, there is a large table, a sofa-corner and comfortable chairs. In this case, two rooms also need to be combined, and not two separate rooms. But, alas, sometimes for many reasons, redevelopment can not be done. It is necessary to be content with one room. What options are there in this case? How to make the most beautiful and functional? Back to contents</a>

Minimalism - the best option in the interior of the studio apartment

In smaller rooms it is more convenient to use furnitureon wheels. If you really want to make the room spacious, you need to be content with the minimum of necessary furniture. After all, what kind of coziness can there be in a crowded room where there is nowhere to turn around and have to maneuver between pieces of furniture. Meanwhile, you can be content with the minimum amount of it. What is this minimum for the studio?

  • sleeping area;
  • wardrobe;
  • wall shelves;
  • small table.

Here is the necessary kit, which will create the desired convenience and not zahlamit already without a small space. Back to contents</a>

Walls and ceiling in the interior of the studio, furniture

Curtains can be used for zoningspace in the room. But first the walls are made out. It is best not to choose a wallpaper with a large pattern, to which all are so used to when. Alternative can serve as a liquid wallpaper pastel colors or paint the walls with water-based paint. It should be borne in mind that when decorating a small room, do not use dark shades, as the dark color makes the room even smaller. Good for decoration suspended or stretched ceiling. It can be fitted with spotlights. As a cabinet for such a room, a closet that does not require additional space for its opening is suitable. There are corner cabinets of this type, which are spacious enough, and the seats take up much less than the usual ones. Sliding-door wardrobes very often have a mirror door. The mirror itself expands the space. In addition, a mirror is needed in the bedroom to make the morning toilet. Buying such a cabinet, you get rid of the need to buy a mirror and look for a place to place it. The TV panel is fixed to the wall. Any additional pedestals should be excluded from the interior. If the owner of the apartment is a music lover, all the equipment is best also hung on the walls. The same applies to additional heating devices, if there is a need to use them. Modern models, for example, electric convectors allow you to attach devices to the wall completely unnoticed, due to their small size, and do not spoil the interior. Back to contents</a>

Some features that are useful to know

Low gypsum plasterboard visuallywill divide the room into a sleeping area and a living room. It would seem, why such a saving of each square meter in the interior? The thing is that in the bedroom there should be a good double bed. In the studio for this purpose is a large folding sofa, which in the unfolded state occupies a sufficient area. So, the saving of square meters is necessary in order for the room to look as magnificent when the sofa is dismantled. So you do not have to squeeze between the bed and the closet. Just shifts to the side of the coffee table, the sofa is dismantled, and the living room turns into a cozy bedroom. A bedroom will only be cozy when you can move around freely. This should be taken into account when considering the interior. Picking up shelves to decorate the room, you should not choose heavy and cumbersome structures. If it is possible to make niches in the walls when repairing, you need to take this opportunity. It is correctly made niches will replace the shelves in the interior, allow you to place the necessary items and serve as an additional decoration of the interior. Another option for decorating the walls in the studio is the wallpaper. If you correctly choose their plot, you can even visually increase the space. On sale there are many wallpapers with different designs. For the studio usually choose landscapes, views from the window and other images that extend the walls of the room. Maybe you can use the described combinations, or maybe you want something else. In any case, you can use the ideas outlined to supplement or change them, adjusting to your taste. Correctly selected design of the living room and bedroom in one room will create a room in which there will be a presentable living room in the afternoon and a cozy bedroom at night.