Interior of the living room: decoration by yourself

The most important place in the apartment, of course,is the living room. It is in this room that most family members prefer to spend their free time. In this regard, the interior of the living room should be decorated with all the care. Living roomTo decorate the living room there is nocertain rules, the main thing is that all the interior items were designed in the same style. To decorate the living room there is no need to invite specialists, everything can be done independently, taking into account some recommendations. And first of all you need to take into account some rules.

  • A lot of furniture should not be.
  • Too bright colors to use when decorating a living room is impractical.
  • When the interior of a drawing room is made out, it is necessary to watch that all was harmonious.
  • How to design the interior of the living room

    Most often the interior is attached to a specificcenter, and such a center can become a fireplace. In addition to the aesthetic function of the wood burning fireplace performs and practical - it heats the room. It should be noted that the fireplace not only creates the impression of coziness in the room, but also warms the body and soul. People understood this for a long time already, that's why the fireplace was very often the main element of the interior of the largest room. Ideal for a living room isThe use of corner furniture, which significantly saves space, which is very convenient for small apartments. The fireplace can be made not only of brick, but also of heat-resistant alloy steel. The large door of the fireplace is equipped with heat-resistant quartz glass, which allows you to see the burning logs. It looks very attractive. The cost of such fireplaces is low, which makes them affordable. If there is no possibility to hold a chimney for a wood-burning fireplace, then nothing prevents from buying an electric fireplace, and the decorative stylish fireplace, which gives the room a luxurious and attractive look, is also excellent. However, recently the center of the living room is not a fireplace, but a home theater. In this case, all other interior items should be located around it. Back to contents</a> The role of furniture in the interior of the living room Whenthe interior is made out, the furniture with which help it is possible to carry out the most courageous plans has great value. The arrangement of furniture can be different, but more often in the living room is placed two armchairs and a large sofa. As for soft furniture, it is usually located with the letter "P", this arrangement allows you to freely see the central part of the living room. Next to the chairs and a sofa, you can place a small table, which allows you to chat over a cup of coffee. The coffee table may well become one of the brightest interior items, it can be made from a variety of materials. Marble, glass, wood - all this will decorate the interior. In addition to the central lighting in the living room shouldbe local, for example, to read books you need a muffled light, and for friendly meetings - bright lighting. It is advisable to install in the living room furniture: shelves, walls, shelves and bedside tables. It is here that you can compactly place video equipment. If the living room is also used as a dining room, then the area for eating must be equipped separately. If the hall does not differ in size, which does not allow to allocate a special zone for eating, then it is most expedient to use furniture-transformer. In this respect, the table-book is perfect, it does not take up a lot of space in its assembled form, it can always be easily and quickly decomposed, which allows all guests to freely occupy it. Modern furniture is often supplied with wheels or rollers, it allows you to freely move it around the room. Back to contents</a> Lighting and color designThe interior of the living room is of great importance for light and color. Most often for the living room used wallpaper light colors: in this regard, perfectly fit beige and greenish colors. If the living room is planned as the main place for a full rest, it is best to decorate it with wallpaper, executed in blue-green tones. The living room is an open area, therefore, when its interior is decorated, great attention should be given to good lighting. Lighting should not be very bright, strictly directional light should be provided. Quality light will be very handy when knitting or when reading your favorite bestsellers. When color design and light is done, the room can be divided into various functional areas. With the help of light and color, the geometry of the room can be significantly altered, so you need to take the coloring seriously. In order to give the appearance of the living room of originality and originality, it is necessary to use various knick-knacks, original decorative elements, paintings. All this in the best way emphasizes the tastes and interests of the owners. This can be done with our own hands, without large financial costs, which is very attractive.