Interior of living room with fireplace: advantages and accommodation

Create a desirable, cozy and modern interiorLiving room with fireplace - this is the dream of every family or owner individually. The living room is the most "heart" of the living space, as it is not only a resting place for the whole family, but also a territory for the reception of guests. That is why the creation of a comfortable and cozy environment in this room, where the fireplace will play the role of a symbol of the home, should be given special attention. Fireplace in living roomThe fireplace in the living room can perform both a heating function and a decorative function. Consider today the modern variations of a win-win design - a living room with a fireplace.

Advantages of living room with fireplace

Long since the symbol of the fact that the house expects you,was considered a soft light, visible from the window. In the period of rapid industrial development and innovative progress, those who wish to put into reality a quiet island of comfort and graceful coziness found a way to realize the dream with the help of fireplaces, skillfully included in the interior of the living room. However, a big mistake will be to draw a parallel between the design set in the room and the strictly authentic rural interior. Nowadays, there are a lot of design solutions, the use of which will allow using the fireplace to create a refined interior situation in classics or in high-tech style. Placement of a mirror or TV will allow you to decorate the space above it. The advantages of living rooms with a fireplace are as follows:

  • The ability to make the room a special comfort, while the design will be a real highlight and decoration of the room.
  • The living room in the cold season will be the warmest place in the house.
  • Modern variations of fireplaces allow you to choose the appropriate option for any style. It is not necessary to install a real and heavy structure.
  • To determine the appropriate interior of the living room with a fireplace, you must choose which type of construction is best for you. Back to contents</a>

    Which fireplace to choose?

    Before making an important choice, you need toto know that the fireplaces are very different, and among them are the most common types: gas, wood and electric. A traditional wood-burning fireplace is suitable for decorating only a private house, where the area of ​​the room will be no less than 20 square meters. m, in this case there will be a strong floor, capable of withstanding the heavy construction. The interior with a wood construction will look best in a spacious room. However, with all the beauty and advantages of traditional buildings have many features that must be taken into account both in the design and operation. For example, in the house there should always be firewood, otherwise the fireplace will not perform a direct assignment. Brick decoration of the fireplace perfectly complementinterior of the living room. Unlike wood, electric fireplaces do not need fuel, since they are operated from the network. At the same time they are very convenient to use and look no worse than traditional ones. For many people, this type is considered the best option, since there is no need to think about the chimney and cleaning the burning. Advantages of electrical equipment include:

    • low cost;
    • simplicity of care;
    • simplicity of installation;
    • imitation of real fire;
    • The chimney, hoods and other additional constructions are not required;
    • control with a special console.

    Interior of the living room with gas fireplace canallow only those who have central gas supply. This structure creates the effect of real fire, easy to install and use. In comparison with traditional facilities, gas is much cheaper, and heat is much more. However, for installation, not only the permission of the relevant authorities will be required, but also the services of installation professionals, the cost of which is quite considerable. In this case it will be necessary to remove additional pipes of the flue and chimney. Leaving the gas fireplace unattended is highly discouraged. Thus, among the main types of modern fireplaces, each option has both pluses and minuses. But the choice is always yours! Back to contents</a>

    Fireplace in the interior of the living room

    The fireplace can be placed, trimmed and decorated in different ways. In general, in every house / apartment this element will look individually, emphasizing the interior and a certain style. The electric fireplace in the living room requiresless attention, it can be placed anywhere in the room. Standard placement of the structure along the center of the wall. The fireplace and the TV set up on the center of the niche will create a place from above that can be filled with additional shelving, a closet or an armchair with a small table. It is not uncommon for the angular fireplaces, or even those brought to the center of the room. This is a rather original option, which you need to be able to implement correctly. Facing the fireplace is made of natural stone, including granite, marble or artificial stone. To emphasize the classic interior of the living room, the fireplace can be laid out with brick, stone or carved wood. Over the fireplaces mirror, paintings or decorative utensils hang most often. Around usually put up furniture and decorative items, for example, vases or floor clocks. The combination with the TV can overload the interior, so it's better to place these items on different walls. The classic interior with a fireplace is like 2 inseparable attributes, the combination of which will give the room comfort and wealth. As for modern styles, such as high-tech and modern, the fireplaces are usually left without any decor and complements, as they should remain the only highlight of the room. </ ul>