Interior of a children's room: how to choose wallpaper

How to choose the right wallpaper in the nursery? What should you start from when choosing colors and drawings? What should the child look like, so that the child would like to stay in it for a long time? About this and many other things we say today. It is known that the character and tone of the interior are set correctly chosen wallpaper. The mood and emotional state of your child directly depends on the appropriate color of the wallpaper. The children's room is the place where he learns the world around him, plays and rests. All these factors should be taken into account when decorating a children's room.

Change of scenery: color in the nursery

For each age there are different color preferences. Children's for the child is personal space, their own world. The scenery will change as your baby grows.

  • In the first years of life, from birth to two years,to kids the cheerful color palette perfectly approaches. Everything unusual, large and bright attracts a child. He studies the world around him. But it is not necessary to glue such wallpaper at a cot. It is preferable to glue in this part of the restrained drawings and pastel shades. So the baby will easily fall asleep and not be frightened after awakening.
  • Kids from two to four years like green, yellow, blue. A natural color palette fills the space with harmony.
  • Children from four to six years old become specialactive, uncontrollable. To balance their energy, choose a more restrained, less discreet color scheme. Give up the time from the orange and red colors of the wallpaper. Also, avoid dark blue, gray and dark green wallpaper. They are too serious for children, they will not bring them joy.
  • For a child aged from six years, pick upcheerful wallpaper. They can be juicy, bright, interesting, but avoid drawings and patterns. Otherwise, it will be distracted by complex images. Here different combinations are possible, since the baby is no longer interested in one color.

Our opinion:- The color of the wallpaper should encourage the child to mental activity, games, but not traumatize his psyche. Be sure to consider the temperament of the children. Slow (phlegmatic) it is better to choose wallpaper of gentle, warm shades. More emotional babies are positively affected by a light, cold palette. Yellow and orange wallpapers activate the craving for knowledge. The delicate palette creates a sunny, comfortable atmosphere.

Theme of the drawings: flowers, birds, animals, geometry

An important role is played by the drawings, so it's important to choose the right ones. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • For children under two years large, bright pictures are allowed.
  • Babies from two to four years can chooseWall-papers with cartoon heroes, favorite animals. The main thing is that the picture is not too variegated. And yet psychologists do not recommend choosing pictures of animals and other images more than the growth of the baby. Otherwise, this neighborhood will frighten and oppress it.
  • Children from four to six make wallpaperparticipants of the fascinating process. Namely: involve the walls for the arts. Two-level wallpaper will be given, where the upper part will be for beauty, and the lower one will become a place for creativity. Now there are wallpaper-coloring or with contours for drawing.
  • Wall-papers with a vertical strip are considered the optimum decision for children from six years. Such wallpaper will decorate the space and help the child to concentrate after active games.

Our opinion:- When choosing a wallpaper pattern, you should adhere to the basic rule: pictures should not get tired. Therefore, avoid too frequent images. At the same time, attention is also scattered. It is better when one plot or a single picture is depicted. For example, on one wall there may be butterflies or flowers, leave the rest of the walls solid. Complement the interior with a green rug. It is perfect for the role of a lawn. Wallpapers with plant and floral motifs are considered universal. Avoid abstract drawings, they are more suitable for adults.

For boys and girls

From 9 to 11 years old, the period of growing up begins.At this age, color preferences are formed. They are clearly different for boys and girls. Usually girls love pastel shades and pinks. Boys make a choice in favor of the colors of the sea - they feel comfortable if there are green, purple or blue wallpapers next to them. At this age, you can give them the right to make their own choices. Although a joint selection of wallpapers is welcome for any age. After all, children are already small personalities. Tatiana Aprelskaya, interior designer: - The child has his own room. This is already joy for him! I want him to like living in it. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper is primarily behind him. The child's taste and preferences come first. If you impose your own version on him, his life in his own room can turn into a tragedy. It is important that the parents, taking into account their choice, choose the option that suits the concept of the whole apartment and the temperament of the child. It is unlikely that a child is able to predict how soon the selected drawing will start to tire him. He will be guided by a momentary impulse. And the task of the parents is to analyze what the temperament of the child is. If he is active and mobile, calm tones and a neutral pattern are more suitable for him, otherwise he will be overexcited by the evening. If the child is slow and sluggish, then it will not hurt to "wake up" with bright colors and an interesting plot.

To new discoveries: a combination of wallpapers

So that the child does not overwork, be in goodmood and tone, tried to fantasize and developed logical thinking, use combined wallpaper options. So it becomes possible to decorate the room in such a way as to bring in color, brightness, dynamics and tranquility at the same time. Paste one of the walls with an active color, and let the other walls be restrained, background. Or make a geometric combination: combine squares, polka dots, a cage and a strip in one room. Do not choose wallpaper in an earthy and dark brown color for a children's room. The main rule when choosing wallpaper is that the room should not be boring and too cold.

Furniture and wallpaper

A place at the table where the child learns to write, read,draw, it is desirable to paste over with wallpaper with green shades. This will help reduce eye fatigue. Also, such a color scheme increases intelligence. A blue-blue wall by the bed or in the form of clouds will help you quickly relax, calm down and tune in to rest. If you choose furniture with bright colors, then let the color of the wallpaper match, without additional patterns. Tatiana Aprelskaya, interior designer: - It is also very important that the wallpaper is environmentally friendly, for example, paper. The child will spend a lot of time in his room. While he is at a tender age, we must monitor his health most closely and not allow the child to come into contact with "chemistry", there is so much of it in our life! When buying wallpaper, you should consult in detail with sellers about the composition of the materials.