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Celebrity interior preferences: Tea Leoni apartments in Manhattan


Ex-husband of David Duchovny in fullEnjoys the newly acquired status of a free woman and does not deny herself anything. So, for example, last year she bought a luxury apartment in Manhattan. Let's evaluate! Actress Tea Leoni recently got a new home. She bought an apartment in Manhattan for an indiscreet amount of $ 5,250,000. The new apartment Tea impresses with picturesque views of the Hudson, which open almost from every window, and the original luxurious interior. The apartments include two bedrooms, twoBathrooms, laundry, dining room, living room, study, library and gallery. Each room (except perhaps laundry) boasts an abundance of expensive decorative materials: oak floors with inlay, brocade upholstery, elements of marble. The furnishings abound with antiques and modern designer accessories. The decor is saturated with bright juicy shades, which add a touch of extravagance to the atmosphere of each room. Thanks to them, the interior looks alive and boring. Special attention is paid to the decoration of the windows. Beautiful views in the frame of exquisite curtains give the impression of a picture exposition. In addition, the curtains enhance the atmosphere of comfort and security.

Interior rules for Tea Leoni:

  • The combination of incongruous - one of the mostPopular trends of modern design. Therefore, do not rush to hide in your closet your favorite things, brought from travel or inherited, even if at first glance they are knocked out of the general interior context. Try to find them a worthy place in the situation. Perhaps you will find in them a hidden decorative potential.
  • Do not be afraid of color. If you are a bright and expressive nature, demonstrate this in the design of personal space. Try not to oversaturate the interior of any one catchy shade, otherwise you risk very quickly get tired of it. It is better to choose a few bright colors and distribute them around the rooms, for example, for the living room - crimson, for the kitchen - turquoise and so on.