Interior of rooms with a fireplace: warm and cozy

A living fire at all times attracted a person. He was a source of heat and light, guaranteed comfort and a comfortable life. Even today he touches deep strings of memory, forcing to admire the dancing languages, having lost track of time. In the age of technical progress, you do not have to go to nature to feel the warmth of fire, it's enough to equip a room with a fireplace, and it's easy to do. Interior of living room with fireplaceToday, the fireplace not only performs a heatingfunction, but also decorates the interior of the living room. You can install a fireplace in any room. In the bedroom, he will create a special intimate atmosphere, in the living room near him, friends and family members will gather. Even in the kitchen, the source of fire will be appropriate, because it will complement the unique spirit of coziness. But that the interior was harmonious and full, you need to take into account all the advice and recommendations of experts, because with fire jokes are bad. Installation of this fireplace is possible only in a private house, as it requires the installation of a complex smoke extraction system. Owners of apartments will have to stop at decorating the interior with electric fire or a skillful imitation. Today, you can find and purchase unique specimens that are virtually identical to the original.

Stylish solution of the room with a fireplace

The fireplace imposes some restrictions on thedecoration of the room. The source of a living fire or its imitation must necessarily fit into the design. But to create a harmonious interior is easy enough, you need to know some rules and nuances: Figure 1. Fireplace in the style of hi-tech is most often installed gas, decorated with glass and metal and glass.

  • Classic. In no other interior will the fireplace look so appropriate. Generous decor, natural materials, massive furniture and a fireplace - the nail of the program.
  • Modern. Restrained, but at the same time unusual interiors today are at the peak of popularity. They can be supplemented with a fireplace, the main thing is that its style should match the design vector. The source of a live fire with a portal of strict forms will perfectly fit in.
  • High tech. This style is as dangerous as it is beautiful. One wrong detail and the impression will be spoiled. The hi-tech fireplace is usually gas, decorated with metal and glass (Fig. 1).
  • Country. The interior in an authentic style is perfectly combined with a classic fireplace. The main thing is a massive portal of natural stone or its imitation. But the plaster mold will have to be abandoned.
  • Loft. Relatively new style, involving the creation of the effect of housing, arranged in a place for this not intended. It solo brickwork and open communication systems. A fireplace simulating a stove built into a stone wall or an unusual specimen made of concrete and metal will be very useful (Fig. 2).
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    Fireplace placement options

    To make the interior look organic, you need to choose the right place for the fireplace. From this will depend not only entourage, but also how much room will be functional (Fig. 3). Figure 2. In the living room in the style of the loft will look great fireplace, simulating a stove, built into a stone wall.

  • Near the wall. The most versatile placement of the fireplace. This option makes this highlight of the interior visible from any point and its charm will extend to the entire room. The fireplace will always be the semantic center of the room, in front of it you can install a sofa or several armchairs. But you need to take care that no details do not draw attention. For this reason, it is worth abandoning the idea of ​​installing a fireplace in a room with a panoramic window, the source of the fire or its imitation should be the main attraction.
  • In the corner. Ideal for multi-purpose rooms. This arrangement allows you to zonate space and create independent of each other functional areas. The corner with the fire, surrounded by a pair of armchairs and a low coffee table, will become a place of solitude. It is in this part of the room that a cozy little world will be located, which has to read in silence or frank conversation.
  • In the center. The island type of fireplace placement is suitable for spacious rooms. Furniture in the room can be installed around it, creating a charming atmosphere. Especially successful will be such a reception, if the fireplace really gives off the heat, it will decorate the interior and warm the guests and household members.
  • Figure 3. Options for placing the fireplace of the living room. In addition, you can pay attention to the following original modifications of fire sources:

  • Suspended. Such a design will perfectly fit into almost any interior solution, the main thing is to choose the right material for decoration. A floor under such a stylish fireplace can be covered with a fluffy carpet.
  • Mobile. A real find for connoisseurs of open fire and its imitation. Of course, this is not a real fireplace with a firebox, but he conveys the atmosphere quite realistically. And what is especially pleasing, it can easily be transferred to any room in which you want to create a special atmosphere.
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    Fireplace decoration

    To the fireplace in the room looked organic, hismust be stylistically inscribed in the interior. This will help different décor and semantic accents (Fig. 4). Usually the fireplace surrounds the portal, which can become an extra shelf for storing items that are very expensive for the heart. Over the fireplace you can make a kind of board of the glory of the family. Cups, letters, memorable photos and similar things will always be in sight. Figure 4. To the fireplace looked in the room organically, it is recommended to inscribe it into the interior with the help of various decor elements. Also on the portal you can arrange a showcase that is reminiscent of travel. Various souvenirs, seashells, photos or even air tickets in the frame will complement the color. Authentic view of the fireplace can be supplemented with a present or decorative woodpile and accessories for care. The poker and scoop on the stand will play a big role in the perception of this decor element. The area above the fireplace can be decorated with a mirror in an interesting frame or picture. It is not recommended to hang a TV in this partition, it will distract attention from the flames and irritate. If the room with a fireplace is designed for rest, you can equip a mini-library above the portal. Shelves with books will perfectly complement the atmosphere. The fireplace zone can be designed symmetrically or asymmetrically. The choice will depend first of all on the style solution of the interior. For styles of high-tech and classics, there is a certain restraint and an underlined order. A room in the style of a country or loft will literally change after the correct dosed addition of chaos. Which of the layout and design options has not been selected, it is important to remember that fire can be dangerous. Even the electric fireplace generates heat and increases the temperature in the room. All their actions must be coordinated with specialists and involve them in the installation of this fireplace. Only if all the rules and regulations are observed will it be possible to create the right harmonious composition. And then the room with a fireplace will change the mood of the whole house and evenings will become even warmer and warmer.