Small apartments

The interior of a small apartment: a photo of classic Scandinavian design

Traditional Scandinavian colorsdesign is largely determined by the desire of residents of northern countries to maximize the use of natural light. However, this trend does not exclude the possibility of using saturated colors in the decor of the rooms, which is confirmed by the interior of our review.

Brilliant adaptation of Scandinavian design in a small family interior

Opponents most often refer to monotony,coldness and lack of residential signs in designs designed according to his principles. Perhaps such interiors really do not belong to those that fall in love at first sight. Restrained and controversial, the Scandinavian style requires deep reflection and relies on delayed perception. It should be noted that grayish-white Scandinavian interiors in real life may seem a little boring than in pictures from catalogs. This is due to the fact that most city apartments cannot count on enough sunlight, while professional photographs are necessarily retouched. Nevertheless, Scandinavian interiors, when properly designed, are the best fit for the lifestyle of a modern city dweller. Along with a laconic aesthetics, their distinguishing feature is a high level of comfort, expressed in the ergonomic design of each piece of furniture. In addition, nothing prevents the owners from creating an individual image of their Scandinavian apartment, filling it with cute things and bright accessories. The couple living in this Swedishapartment, managed to give the Scandinavian style a classic character, giving it a sophisticated aristocracy. A gallery of posters loosely hung on the living room wall, a moderate inclusion of gold details in the decor and an unexpected organization of space make the interior animated and attractively beautiful. Special attention deserves a charmingnursery with turquoise walls. Looking at her, it is simply impossible to call the Scandinavian style boring. The room is adjacent to the parent's bedroom, which is very convenient when it comes to a small child. This interior does not seem at all typical or hastily created. His dapper grace and abundance of details give the impression that the inhabitants of the apartment are respectable people with a refined taste and high income. As you can see from this example, adapted inAccording to your taste preferences, the Scandinavian style can become a true decoration of any space, regardless of its size and layout. Take the liberty to create your own interpretation of this sophisticated Nordic image in your home!