Interior design for women

The interior of a small apartment: a photo of romantic design

Today, women dominate in many ways.activities. Therefore, the abundance of bright and successful young ladies no longer surprises anyone, and the issue of reorganizing the design of their small apartments is gaining momentum. with a feminine touch on the territory of a small apartment - a topic that will seem very interesting today.

Features of this interior

Initial actions, the implementation of whichwas able to give the expected result, appeared, in order to create specific functional areas. The thickened partitions helped to introduce into the constructive basis of housing such an element as a storage system, which previously could only be dreamed of. The podium, on which the bed is installed, made it possible to designate the bedroom area, separating it from the rest of the space. Among other things, such an education allowed for the storage of bulky bedding.

Using color and lighting

White color in the interior of the apartment, used into expand the boundaries of the existing useful scale, serves as an ideal background for various color accents. The bedroom has coral elements, the kitchen is emerald, the interior of the small bathroom is based on the use of yellow tones, and the balcony is on blue. The design of the walls in the bedroom, which have a brick base, with the help of white color, made it possible to create color harmony along with bedding items. A print that includes a variety of geometric shapes, as well as an abundance of various textures gave the interior an element of life and active energy. From suspended ceilings had to be abandoned, which was due to the small dimensions of the room. Special lamps allowed to fill the apartment with light and cleanliness. For technical reasons, only the entrance hall and the bathroom were equipped with built-in sources of artificial light.

Furniture and accessories

The furniture differs in functionality andoptimal dimensions, due to the manufacture of data interior to order. The design of the office, which is equipped on the balcony, incorporates a very original rack made of water pipes, pre-painted in black. Wooden army boxes, painted in blue, are stylish chairs, the presence of which will add to the design a special gloss and unique charm. In addition, these decor items and interior can be used to store various small items.

A few tips that will help form a similar image right in your home

1. Use the reception zoning space. In small rooms it is very important, and the result of these actions has an excellent visual effect. It is best to choose one color base and make different accents on its background, but using only calm and neutral colors. 2. Even the lack of a financial base will allow you to achieve a decent outcome. Inexpensive furniture goes well with bright decor, in the role of which small images, various wall accessories and carpets can play. 3. Custom-made furniture and old objects of decor and interior, adapted for use as similar products, such as chests in the form of a table, or a suitcase, like a coffee table - all this will make your interior more harmonious and original. 4. Original accessories, in the design of which there is enough sense of humor, will turn your apartment from faceless space into a source of fun and good mood. 5. Abundant lighting is another way to expand the available space. Built-in lamps, along with wall lights, will perfectly cope with their function, making your housing much more than it really is. But, be careful, a suspended ceiling can significantly reduce the volume of an already small room.

Great design solution

Use chalkboards on which to write,as an original accessory for your furniture. A kitchen, a bedroom, and even more so a children's one, in which the decoration of the walls with the help of such products will allow the kid to develop all his artistic talents - all these are rooms where the use of such an original technique does not seem superfluous.