Ideas for small interiors

Interior of a small studio apartment - photo ideas

Cozy interior of a small studio apartmentSmall-sized apartments usually bring us a lot of trouble just because we don’t know how we can fit everything we need into them. But today we are happy to show you some examples that will help to cope with this problem and make a small apartment comfortable and free. which area is only 42 square meters, looks quite spacious. Ask how is this possible? No, these are not visual tricks and no tricks. It is just important to use the space correctly in order to avoid the effect of cluttering, and how to do this we will tell further.

1. What kind of bedroom do you really need?

First of all, you should accept that manyObjects, especially large massive furniture, will be strictly prohibited in your interior. As an option - a niche for the bed, which can be designed in the style of a French boudoir. And that's all, bedside tables and other similar elements will definitely be superfluous.

2. Kitchen and living room - 2 in 1

Today, an open layout is in fashion, and manyModern homes are originally designed with this approach. You will need to make one of the two rooms. Removing the wall, do not look for an element to separate the type of bar or bookcase, let the territory be open and free. So it will seem more.

3. Flooring - a good way to divide the space.

When choosing materials, you should also becautious. Different, they will have an inappropriate shape, size, thickness, and so on, which will not only prevent you, but also look awful. Buy to start something of the same type, only different shades - for example, parquet from dark and light wood.

4. Transparency and light will play a big role

Once we already wrote about the fact that dark objectsthe furniture only clutters the space, makes it even smaller, while the bright ones are able to fill the room with ease, they will seem to float above the floor. A coffee table made of glass, transparent furniture, for example, chairs, dishes - all these items will help to return the necessary airiness to the room.

5. Accents, or focal point

Looking at the first photo in this post, youimmediately identified a brick bar counter, is not it? This is the focal point, which attracts the attention of guests. It is advisable to choose the most spacious corner that you can only find and make a bright accent on it.

6. Hidden white lockers

Drawers and wardrobes are without usget along. It is necessary to fold clothes, accessories, books, etc., somewhere. So let them be white, as in the photo above. Indoors, tenderness and subtle elegance appear simultaneously, and there are no problems with storing small items.

7. Your bathroom

For a limited area, the installation questionbath closes without even opening. Shower - this is the best way. But here it is worth noting this: do not choose bulk pallets, it is better if the floor will be even along the entire length. You will need to drain the floor. It will also add lightness to the room.