Ideas for small interiors

The interior of a small bedroom and other rooms with thoughtful storage space.

What could be nicer than beautiful and well-groomedrooms without any hint of mess! Even owners of spacious living space sometimes have difficulty attaining such an ideal. But in this case, professionals who come up with unique interiors take up the task. A striking example is the work in the Roman style of the specialists of the design studio Archiving.

Irreplaceable eclectic

Today we will talk about the 2011 project, inwhich collected a few perfectly, would seem incompatible architectural ideas. First of all, you can see the loft style expressed with the help of red brick walls and a simple kitchen area in which old-style and minimalist furniture is incredibly inscribed, as well as dark wooden ceiling beams hinting at country style borrowings.

And if you look under the bed?

The area of ​​this studio is only 38 square meters. m, which did not prevent the designers to use every centimeter of space to organize a hidden place. The podium on which there is a double bed looks very original, in fact, it is a built-in chest with several spacious drawers. In addition, it separates the resting place from the living room, the main component of which can be called a compact sofa of light colors, which also serves to cover the handle of the section being extended.

With a slight movement of the hand ...

Professionals have long been concerned about the issue of change.the color palette of the room without the organization, even if it is just a minor redecoration. In our example, we can make sure that this is quite possible. The facades of the dressing room installed at one of the walls are painted in snow-white color, which is transformed into bright green, just open the doors.

Sterile kitchen

The highlight of this project, of course, you canconsider the design of the kitchen space, the center of which is a rounded light cream panel that contains all the necessary appliances here. There is not a single superfluous shelf or cabinet that obstructs vertical space, which is left completely clean, contrary to all the laws of the genre. It is in this way that perfection is created, which is slightly disturbed only by a bright round canopy hanging from the ceiling.

Chamber of Secrets

If guests in this apartment want to wash their hands,then they cannot do without the help of the owners, as it is rather difficult to find the entrance to the bathroom. The fact is that it was hidden in a narrow room between the bedroom and the kitchen. Despite the completely tiny area, the interior of the bathroom is striking in its modernity and style, most likely due to the use of a large number of mirror and glossy surfaces.