How to expand the space in the apartment

The interior of a small corridor: expanding the narrow hallway

Do you have a narrow, uncomfortable corridor? Try several of the techniques presented by us, and you will get a more comfortable and stylish space.

Be practical

If your corridor is not too narrow, use a long bookcase on the wall. This solution to two problems at once - there is additional storage space and improved design. Here is another great example of placing a bookcase in a narrow corridor. Another practical solution to the storage problem: built-in units that merge with the rest of the hallway. And one more way. It also solves the problem of storage, while not claiming to use the entire hallway space.

Find the architectural vein in the storehouse of your abilities

Add an architectural element that will attract everyone’s attention. This decoration of the ceiling makes admire its beauty, not noticing the limitations of the space below. A find from the same series - what will attract attention better than these sources of light in the form of brilliant balls soaring under the ceiling?

Show your creativity

Show off the wall with an accent. Such material does not require additional space, however, the volume seems to be increased - such is the strength of the impact of a successful stylish design! Your feelings are so busy with the structure of this wall that you will not notice the narrow proportions of the corridor. The wall gallery is a great opportunity to show the naive and sentimental family photos that you love so much. Instead of a photo gallery you can arrange a mini-opening day.or show your art collection. Your only limitation, in this case, is the need to make sure that the composition is thought out to the details and no one will cause a feeling of discontent. A practical way to complete the look of your hallway, making it perfect, is to place a magnificent bench here.