Decor of small squares

Interior of small living rooms: photo of 15 designer finds

Any small and non-standard room - thisthe problem of design for the owners, especially if this living room, because it is in it we spend most of the time. How to achieve a balance between space and comfort? What furniture to choose and how to arrange it correctly? You will find answers to these disturbing many questions, dear visitors, in this article.

1. Use win-win laconic tandem - mirrors and wallpaper

In a cramped room, especially in one where smallwindows, you can feel constrained and uncomfortable. Create extra natural lighting using dim wallpapers and mirrors. If it is possible to place it in front of the window, then this option is just perfect. Reflected light will be scattered throughout the space, and the living landscape will create the effect of the presence of nature.

Furniture arrangement

Put a two-seater sofa withoriginal nightstands, to the wall where the mirror hangs. A wicker ottoman, which can play the role of a comfortable pouffe or a tea table, will complete the ensemble. If the area allows, you can add a couple of chairs to the furniture or place two compact ottomans opposite each other.

2. Enter an additional "secret" locker

Add a cabinet or an ottoman to the living room with a hidden place to store things, instead of a coffee table, as shown in the example of this photo.

3. Buy miniature furniture

There is not only bulky headsets, but alsotheir reduced variations, which are not so easy to find today. Expand your range of applications to antique stores - this is where you will find wonderful furniture that does not take up much space. It was half a century ago that compact apartments were built, which we desire to renew today. Look for everything that can be placed in your room.

Furniture arrangement

Double sofa set opposite the bay window withminiature tables on the sides. A pair of armchairs made in the spirit of Louis XVI are located opposite the sofa. Between them, compactly placed the original ottoman in the form of a suitcase. An elegant sofa, which is here by chance, gives a refined elegance to the whole environment. The recamier vintage and modern landscapes, which were concisely combined, were used as decoration.

4. Look up

If your apartment has high ceilings,then in a small living room it's time to take advantage of such an enviable advantage. Fill the walls to the full height of the paintings. This trick and creative environment will visually relieve the space and distract from the small living area.

5. Take a closer look at the corners.

Paradoxically as it may sound, but smallthe corner in the room is able to accommodate a large comfortable furniture, thereby solving the problem of accommodating numerous guests and at the same time leaving plenty of room for maneuver.

Furniture placement

A large sectional sofa, a cozy table and a pair of leather folding stools make up a seating area for eight people.

6. Do not pass by narrow sofas.

In some living rooms, standard furniture sizeslooks bulky and inappropriate. Therefore, look for their miniature counterparts with simple sleek shapes and always on decorative legs. They will give lightness to the whole situation.

Furniture placement

A small sofa is located in the middle of the room opposite the media center. A small chair and a chic ottoman that can be used as a table and as a pouf complete the interior composition.

7. Ottoman is appropriate in any interior.

It is not necessary to put the sofa against the wall, it can bepush to the middle of the room. But if it has too large dimensions, then you only download the situation. Then in this case pay attention to the ottoman. A comfortable sofa without a back can be used on both sides and to be a link of various functional areas.

8. Revive the interior with vegetation

As wallpaper and mirrors, home plants give depth and volume to a room. There is no better place for flowers behind the furniture and in the corners. Here they create the illusion of a large space.

Furniture arrangement

A sofa without back was placed in the middle of the room. Near the window placed two comfortable chairs. Between them there is a miniature table, which can be used as a chair.

9. Purchase universal furniture

In a small living room, each piece of furniture must perform several functions. For example, a stylish ottoman or coffee tables-transformers.

Furniture arrangement

In this room, an immaculate minimalist sofa set up to the main wall and large padded stools were correctly selected, which can be tables and comfortable seating areas if desired.

10. Properly organize storage space.

Instead of hanging lots of shelves on the wallsor arrange bulky chests in the corners, it is better to order one large wall cabinet instead, which will hold both books, a TV, and hide things from prying eyes, perhaps even he will hide a sliding table in himself.

11. Minimize furniture

There are many variations of folding chairs andstools that can be stored in the pantry or under the bed. They leave room for movement and can easily be transformed when a noisy company comes to visit you.

12. Look at your room from a different angle.

In this bedroom, which is also a living room,abandoned the traditional sofas and arranged a comfortable resting place on the windowsill. He focused on soft cushions and a small table.

13. Do not dwell on the traditional sofa.

Who, in general, said that he should benecessarily in the living room? You can organize a resting place with the help of a pair of chairs placed around the coffee table, which at the same time can be a comfortable pouf.

14. Use invisible furniture.

Today transparent glass and plastic tables came into fashion. They are ideal for small rooms, as they do not visually take up space and give a feeling of lightness.

15. Feel free to have chairs in front of the hearth.

A couple of small elegant stools, set right in front of the fireplace, will not only add usable space, but also ennoble this zone, bringing comfort to it.