The interior of a small living room

Interiors of small living rooms increasing space

The interiors of small living rooms require a differentApproach to design Many ideas pay great attention to creating an illusion of space. They make the place where you feel cramped and closed on all sides into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Strengthen the light, use color accents wisely, consider the size of the furniture, and the difference will be noticeable. Sometimes classic living room design ideas are not suitable for small areas. Eliminate the dark blinds on the windows, use long, flowing curtains. They focus on vertical lines, thereby expanding the room. The living room of your home should be a special place, comfortable for rest and entertainment. Here are ways that visually increase it.

Mirrors - the secret of space expansion

Interior designers strategically choose tomirrors narrow and dark places to visually expand them. For soft lighting, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, place it behind the lamp. A great way to push the walls apart is to place a mirror in front of the window in order to create the illusion of another window. Two mirrors of different size visually increase the room

Point your gaze up

The height of the room helps to increase the space. If the living room has a high ceiling, attract attention to it. Draperies on the entire height of the wall - a stylish way to make this detail bright. Fill the vertical space with a collection of small paintings or photographs. It will seem to you that the room has become larger, since the look will leave the familiar horizontal at eye level. The coffered ceiling and double windows attract the eye and the room seems to be higher.

Use neutral colors in the decor

The use of neutral shades of the walls is one ofmost popular interior ideas. A palette of greyish-white or beige shades will expand the space by pushing the walls apart. Soft colors tend to reflect light, illuminating the room. Neutral colors also add elegance to the interior. Neutral colors in the decor and shades of wood create an atmosphere of rustic solitude.

Choose furniture that creates the impression of lightness

When you go to furniture stores,consider the visual weight of the product. This concept refers to the perceived gravity of an object depending on the size, color and design. Choose models that have a light appearance, as the heavier ones constrict the space. Choose among light shades on thin, graceful legs, avoid dark color and square, massive furniture supports. A glass coffee table seems lighter than a wooden one because you can look through it. Any furniture that does not create barriers to view, makes the room wider. Minimalist space seems easier. Lack of lumbering is always a winning decor.

Prefer small size furniture

Designers recommend choosing furniture that is notwill clutter the space. A low sofa without armrests is preferable to another, with solid armrests and lots of pillows. If the room is very small, try to do without a large sofa by choosing a double sofa, or place four chairs around the coffee table. When choosing chairs, stop on copies without armrests; they take up less space. A small sofa without armrests and two poufscreate a feeling of free space Taking advantage of constructive ideas, you will create in your beautiful living room, comfortable and spacious. Or maybe tell about your ideas?