The interior of small rooms

The interior of a small room: photo 50 examples

Not every circumstance allows you to haveluxury home. However, the limited area is not a sentence, even here you can turn around and create your own original style. In our gallery you can find examples of the interior of a small room. Learn how to approach with fiction to the arrangement of the interior of modest areas. Comes to the fore. This can be done with the help of finishing materials of different colors and textures or properly organized lighting. Another option - the use of special designs. Arches and partitions made of glass will fill the room with light and optically spread the walls. The podium will offer additional storage space. Furniture also copes well with the task of delimiting regions. The rack will separate the workplace from the bedroom. Classic - bar, marking the transition of the kitchen in the dining room. An interesting opportunity opens up. For example, a large bed located diagonally will win some free space. In a small room, it is important to maximize the use of existing objects. One small table on wheels can serve as a bedside table, serving rack or stand for appliances. A few simple tricks - and this room, which yesterday seemed quite tiny, began to play in a new way. Do you have personal experience of such transformations? Share it! Perhaps this will give someone an incentive to start working with their premises.

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