Apartment interior for a bachelor

The interior of a small studio for a bachelor: 8 useful tips

Modern bachelor nest with a carpetlow couch and coffee table A collection of odorous, dirt-hard socks hanging from a chandelier. Rubbish falling out of an overflowing bin. A mouse hung in the fridge, tired of a diet of ketchup and mayonnaise. There were no clothes left on the hangers - they were heaped into boxes and baskets. Under the sofa cushions there is a warehouse of small items. And the smell! A complex aroma of raw fish, mold and sweat lodged in the duffel bag. The apartment has a thermonuclear mixture: rotten anchovies, ancient pizza and dried cheese. And how did it happen that in a house where there are no animals, it stinks of a wet dog all the time? Welcome to the bachelor's apartment! If all of the above is typical for your apartment, then it's time to change something, move away from clichés and create with a practical, fashionable and stylish interior. Apartment with a "masculine character" and a delightful interior. This is what will decorate your home.

1. Durable table

Low coffee table in a cozy bachelorRoom This is your dining table, your work surface, your storage room, your outdoor cabinet. This is the center of your activity and the base for various items like pizza boxes and other fast food. And how sometimes you want to throw your feet on the table, comfortably seated in front of the TV! In short, you need a solid coffee table, on which you can safely put heavy objects.

2. Upholstered furniture with abrasion resistant upholstery

Elegant bachelor apartment with leathera sofa and high ceilings Your home should have a place to accommodate unwelcome night guests, a place to rest after a party or a Sunday game, moreover, versatile, comfortable and stylish. Multisectional fashionable sofa quite meets these requirements.

3. Room (or car) equipped with gadgets

Smooth floor and clean space make thisthe garage is very attractive What do you need? Vacuum cleaner that will help to clean the apartment before or after receiving guests. A good coffee machine, with which you surprise your friends with the skill of a real barista. Remote control in the living room. With time-saving luxury things, you don't need the help of a brownie. Yes, do not forget about the stereo, because you need to somehow remind your neighbors that there is life behind the wall too!

4. Bed and bath accessories

Keep your bedroom clean - it canneed at any time ... Untidy, sloppy, unorganized ... Some people think that the inveterate bachelor is just that. But this image is extremely unattractive. To be clean, to always have on hand a fresh towel is a good quality that should be cultivated. High-quality bed linen and crispy bath towels will cause your guests only positive emotions.

5. Art on the walls

Art objects on the ceiling above the bed will delight her ...Brilliant solution! Perhaps favorite sports equipment is a natural decoration, but the world is full of plots, landscapes, worthy masters, whose paintings will hang on the wall, without causing controversy and fist fights. Thanks to artists who use typographical and sculptural tools, eclectic methods, you have the opportunity to choose something to your liking.

6. Your personal collections

Stunning bachelor bedroom with polishedBooks, magazines, tapes, CDs, DVDs - all this will help your guests pass the time. Ensure that your collections are prominently displayed, encouraging friends or family members to use them. But the chaotic jumble looks frightening, so sort everything out and arrange it on racks. Make the collections unique, special. Think up their sonorous name and intriguing story to create the atmosphere you need. Keep your bedroom clean — you might need it at any time ...

7. View from the window

Modern bachelor apartment with beautifuleverything looks good in the apartment: there is something to lie on, and what to sit on and what to admire, but only the view from the window let us down - right on the parking lot. But even in this case, the windows should be large enough to allow enough natural light to pass through. Blinds are the best solution to keep the space as “male” as possible and not sacrifice comfort. They are easy to maintain and create a feeling of isolation and security. It is very important that their colors are in harmony with the color and material of the floors. Keep your bedroom clean — you might need it at any time ...

8. Sex resistant party

Bright colors and soft textures in a bachelorattic The floor must match not only your individual preferences, but also your lifestyle. Black oak is a bold and elegant, and for those who want to keep the floors safe and sound, you should try a reliable modern cypress floor covering. Floors must pass the test of time and withstand the onslaught of dancing guests. They have to put up with your bike, which you roll through the whole apartment, and excuse all spilled drinks to you. Keep your bedroom clean - it canneed at any time ... So, you have implemented all eight tips. Well, proceed further. Turn on the music louder, brew an espresso and tweet an invitation to friends in your updated, improved bachelor socket.