Decor of small squares

The interior of a small studio: things that are not needed here

Arranging a small apartment is a process.troublesome and rather laborious. But, in order to initially be confident in the correctness of the chosen solutions and the presence of a decent result, in the future, exclude 5 things that may prevent you from doing so.

Big chandelier

A chic chandelier usually evokes exceptionalemotions associated with the admiration and the presence in the room gloss and a certain chic. Such an object can give your interior a high enough status and focus on many of its positive characteristics. All this, of course, is true, but not in small premises. Namely, the chandelier, which has impressive dimensions, will eat the available space, making the volume of the room even less than its real indicators, and also create a pressing effect, which will negatively affect the quality of the existing internal atmosphere. In this case, the use of built-in light sources, as well as various decorative lamps, the use of which will provide the necessary level of illumination, as well as hide all existing design and visual flaws, will seem to be an excellent option.

Wallpaper with a large print and drawings

Large items that are used inthe design of the wallpaper is also not recommended for use, due to the negative effect on the visual perception of the borders, the available space. The combination of colors in the interior, distinguished by the saturation of light homogeneous tones, as well as small in size and not distinguished patterns - this is what is perfect in this situation. To achieve an excellent result, you can select just one wall, using a print or a beautiful pattern. Alternatively, also suitable wallpaper. The wall mirror, installed opposite the bright elements at times will expand the boundaries of a small room. Wall decoration using various patterns is allowed even in the case of molding, which is necessary for the horizontal division of the existing planes.

Large furniture and various partitions

In order to achieve the effect of openSpace, which only positively affects the visual characteristics of small apartments, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of various partitions. If there is still a need for dividing a room into zones, use such techniques as color accents, various textures, as well as architectural forms that can be used by podiums and niches. The use of other structural elements may adversely affect the performance of the usable space. If it is impossible to use these tips because of the need for partitions, pay attention to products made of glass and other transparent materials. The same applies to the doors, in which quality it is best to use sliding models, or, in general, to completely abandon these products, leaving openings between the rooms free. This technique will eliminate the effect of piling up and cramping. Furniture also should not differ in large dimensions. Versatility and external lightness - these are the main characteristics that you should pay attention to first. The best thing for small apartments is transparent furniture, which, thanks to existing technologies, in addition to external data, has a high level of strength and long service life. It is worth noting that, in the opinion of a large number of designers, partitions made of glass, in addition to sufficient strength and safety, are an excellent background for the implementation of various creative ideas. Various patterns can be applied to these decorative and interior items, as well as other options for decorating them.

Massive drapes and dark colors

Dark colors are negativeaffect the surrounding space. Eating color, they reduce the visual boundaries of the room, adding to the existing image elements of gravity and some stylistic bulkiness. Only light colors are able to maintain the feeling of weightlessness and airiness. Curtains that are notable for the lightness of the material from which they are made are also excellent for small rooms, and the complete exclusion of such a product from the general context of the formed design will only enhance its positive properties. Designers recommend not to use furniture of irregular shapes, which include corner sofas, and other products that have similar characteristics. Objects such as mirrors, various photo wallpapers, as well as murals with perspective perfectly accept small interiors, which results in an amazing result, which is usually achieved when using such techniques. The most successful combination of colors in the interior of small apartments has one basic shade, from which all other elements already dance. It is this technique that gives the formed image harmony and stylistic coherence.

Abundance of decor

Accessories, from the abundance of which simply dazzled ineyes - a typical mistake of many owners of small apartments. This, seemingly innocuous, reception, like no other, steals usable space, turning the living space from a cozy family nest into a souvenir merchant's shop. A few bright elements, used as the main décor, or a little more than various accessories, but neutral in their characteristics - that's all that is needed in this case. Moreover, to obtain true aesthetic pleasure from the picture, you need to have some margin of distance, which in a small space simply does not exist. Small frames or a composition of mirrors are techniques that are best suited for such interiors. Designers believe that today, when the popularity of small squares is gaining increasing popularity, the presence of a small apartment opens up unprecedented horizons for design activities. Do not be upset. A few strokes and following competent advice will help to transform your apartment beyond recognition.