Interior, in which you want to meet the old New Year

On the eve of the old New Year we invite you toA cozy house where everyone would like to celebrate this holiday. A solid fireplace, wooden floorboards, masonry, a lot of amazing things with a history - there's still a lot of interesting things. There is a good tradition in Russia to celebrate the old New Year. And we just could not pass by this cozy house, in which a wonderful festive mood settled. Its design was handled by the owners themselves - the couple Eva and Ake Söderman (Eva och Åke Söderman). And let it located far beyond our country, namely in Sweden, it is filled with comfort - what else is needed in such an old and good holiday ?! Eva and Ake Söderman (Eva och Åke Söderman) Eva and Ake together for a long time. They raised and raised three sons - Eric, John and Donald. Eva works as a teacher in high school. Ake is working in a law firm. Eva is fond of painting and cooking. Together with Eve and Ake lives their favorite cat, Alfie.

The house you want to live in

Eva and Ake bought this house five years ago. Then they had their own house, and they were not going to change their homes. But when they saw the announcement of the sale of this house, they immediately became interested, they wanted to see it. And when Ake first climbed the stairs leading to this house, he thought he should stay here. From the first minutes of stay in it the couple realized that this place should become their family nest. The total area of ​​this house is 200 square meters. It is located in the Swedish province of Dalarna, and from its windows a wonderful view of Lake Siljan, which, incidentally, was formed as a result of a meteorite impact. On the site there are also several guest houses, where Eva and Ake are happy to receive their children. Their house was built in the distant 1930, this fact initially attracted the couple, as they love buildings with a history.

Pieces of History

The house went to our heroes with furniture and someInterior items. The owners decided not to get rid of them. Firstly, because these things are part of the history of the house, and secondly, because they gave the interior a special comfort. So, for example, the legacy of the old owners Eve and Ake got a cast iron stove and a vintage oven, to which Eve treats with special trepidation. She is very fond of making pastries and even collecting molds for Christmas cookies. The oven and the oven in this performance reminded her of her childhood, about how her mother cooked almost on identical appliances. Part of the furniture was still bought by Eva, and not just in furniture stores, but at home sales. The owner of the house believes that in such a vintage setting, new furniture will look ridiculous. In her opinion, at home sales you can find sometimes antique exclusive things. Most of the furniture here is wooden, part is painted, and some are varnished to emphasize the beauty of the tree.

What is the secret of comfort?

Eve can be called a real keeperHome. It was she who acted as the chief decorator and designed the house on her own. She is not only interested in cooking and baking, Eve loves to sew, embroider and do their own decor items. Always and in everything she helps a young cat Alfy, who is interested in everything and is very fond of exploring the world around him. Decorative cushions, chair covers in the dining room area, curtains and New Year decor - all this is the work of Eva. By the way, pay attention to how attractive trees from old magazines made by Eve look. By the way, we recently wrote how to make the same Christmas trees with our own hands. You can read about it and see it. Our opinion: - Not the least role in the creation of comfort here is played by traditional Scandinavian carpets. They are everywhere, even before entering the house. And in the winter, lamb skins are added to them, which Eve places near the fireplaces - there are two of them in the house, and on the bench in the hallway. Perhaps it is a tribute to Scandinavian traditions, and maybe a natural desire to make your interior warm and cozy.