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Interior tone in tone: 15 ideas for applying a new trend -


We can talk about colors in the interior forever, but we have not had to think about this approach yet. Interiors made in shades of the same color - the newest and most unusual trend of this year

The beginning of the year is the time to sort out theTrends that will be relevant at least until next year. Exhibitions and new collections are a good source for understanding trends, but we try to consider the issue from all sides.

That's why we turned to the opinionAuthoritative interior blogger Anna Gustafsson (Anna Gustafsson). Her blog La Maison d'Anna G has existed for 6 years already, and during this time Anna managed to make it bilingual (Anglo-French), to receive the recognition of the magazine Marie Claire Maison, to open her own decor shop and after three years of successful work to close it for the sake of new Projects.

Anna has Swedish roots, but the last 20 years sheLives in France. She devoted 17 years of her life to work at IKEA. Anna became an honorary member of Design Bloggers United - an alliance of nine blogs devoted to design from nine European countries. In other words, Anna's opinion can be trusted.

In one of her last posts Anna GustafssonFormulated a completely new trend for us recently - tone in tone, the essence of which is to use shades of the same color in the design of the interior of a particular space.

It looks, in our opinion, very fresh, airy and stylish. In the context of organicity, there is no such kind of equals.

A saturated blue tint in the near future will not go out of fashion, but it is best in this interior to sleep and dream, so for the bedroom and toilet the best color option is not found. Related articles

Many may think that the kitchen is in grayPalette - it's sad and boring. However, we assure you - there will also be connoisseurs who will pay attention to the blotches of blue hues, an unusual ceiling lamp and chairs, only seemingly identical at first glance.

In such a living room it's easier to breathe and think more calmly. The shades here are mostly cold, the most comfortable in this interior will be in the summer.

And here is our favorite "black and white cinema". Black here, however, no, but thanks to a fuzzy background, willy-nilly, you pay attention to stucco, luxurious doors and, of course, a ceiling light - here he is a star. Or the moon.

Again blue, but completely different. Cozy, enveloping, with a history, if you want. Of course, the matter is in detail - the grandmother's coffee table, fresh flowers and a few art-works, even the coolest surroundings will turn into a cozy corner.

You are an extraordinary creative person with your own,Different from all opinions? How about finishing the interior of the office with attached plywood sheets? In what sense? In direct. We take sheets of plywood of the necessary length (better than 30-50 centimeters below the ceiling) and attach to the wall. Well, a beige palette would be nice to observe.

Black kitchen. Very black kitchen. Ideal for those who hate cruel cooking. Every guest who enters your abode will be able to understand from the doorway what's what. Related articles

The shades of gray best fit in the canvas of the Scandinavian interior.

And here is a vivid example of how using textures can diversify the "gray everyday life."

Matte gray-blue background perfectly matches both with black surfaces, and with blue textiles. In this case, the ceiling of the creamy shade turns into a bright accent.

Note how cleverly the authors of the project have beaten the topic of linear structures.

The choice of painting for the interior must be approached with the mind. If you can find an art work that completely duplicates the palette of space, the story will not be of any importance.

The red bedrooms are annoying, and pink, how to say it, is not quite your color? Pay attention to the coral. He can combine with gray, white and gold. And what else is needed?

Vintage, classic, perfectly smooth finish and all the shades of dust of centuries - this is your dream interior? We do not mind, but we highly recommend refreshing it with at least a couple of pots of flowers. The article is prepared on the basis of the materials