The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior of the week: Indian motifs and bare concrete in a Kiev apartment


In skillful hands, even such a prosaic andan unattractive material, like concrete, can take on a completely new face. Today's interior of the week is the clearest confirmation of this In this apartment, created by talented minds from the studio Pfayfer & Fradina, several taboos have been violated at once. However, this only did her good. Studio Pfayfer & Fradina Lydia Pfeiffer - student of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Faculty of Theory and History of Art), Olga Fradina - Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts. M. Boychuk (Faculty of Graphic Design). Have been engaged in interior design for over 10 years. The styles they like to work with are modern French, minimalism with ethnic elements, various ethnic styles, American art deco and others. The main thing is that there is a place for art and creativity in the interior. If they work with historical styles, they prefer to combine them with modern elements in furniture and decor.

Features of the layout

During the redevelopment of this apartment kitchenUnited with the living room, in the bedroom there was a dressing room. Since the space at the entrance was too narrow, one of the bathrooms was removed, and as a result, a place appeared for the comfortable movement of several people at once.

Color solution and lighting

The main color of this interior is gray, and complements its natural scale. The lighting is not bright.

Made to order

All cabinet furniture and kitchen are made to order according to the sketches of the authors of the project.

Living room and dining room

For the living room, in addition to the mentioned cabinet furniturethe designers selected a very comfortable and inexpensive Baltic sofa. The coffee tables and the mirror on the pillar were imported from India. The dining room has a wooden table, vintage Hungarian chairs and a Vitra chair.


Most of the furniture in the bedroom was made according to the sketches of the authors of the project, except for an Indian table and an IKEA chest.


The toilet bowl and washbasin belong to the Kolo brand (Antonio Citterio).

Wallpaper, paint, textiles

All walls in this interior are painted.For example, the bedroom was painted black, and the paint was applied directly to bare concrete. And in the living room, the concrete on the ceiling was completely washed. All textiles are purchased from IKEA.

Floors, doors

The doors in this apartment are of domestic production. As a floor covering, parquet from wenge is taken.