The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior of the week. Apartment in Moscow: how to make a budget repair

Life in the big city is sometimes tiresome, especiallyIf you work in a large company and are constantly in an active state. Where to retire? What should be the interior, where the city vanity will not touch you? The landlady of this apartment is a young, purposeful, having a lot of hobbies. Her name is Love. She works as a manager in a large pharmaceutical company, adores salsa and travels a lot. Her weakness and main hobby is the online store of designer jewelry. Let's look into her cozy home and see how the designers from the studio "ArkhBabi" managed to make it a real refuge from the Moscow bustle. Anna Pustovoitova, architect of the studio "ArkhBaba" Elena Nikitina, architect of the studio "ArkhBabi" Anna and Elena - graduates of MGHPU them. S. G. Stroganov. They passed an internship in architectural studios in Düsseldorf, Milan and Moscow. Participated in the exhibition "ARCH Moscow" and the festival "Archstoyanie." In 2007, they created the project "ArkhBaby", where they work together.

More freedom and coziness

Since Love works as a manager, she has toConstantly communicate with people, establish new contacts, travel on business trips. That's why this apartment she wanted to take away on vacation, where there were no slightest hints for work. She wanted to soak up the apartment with the atmosphere of comfort, make the interior light and airy. Anna Pustovoitova, architect: - She gave us maximum freedom in designing her apartment. Such trust makes us even more responsible in our business. A special wish of Lyuba was to make an apartment in which she could retire, to leave Moscow's bustle. She wanted to have her so-called nest not for permanent residence.

Features of the layout

The layout that this apartment hadInitially, neither Lyubov nor the architects Anna and Elena were happy with. Therefore, they made a joint decision - to reschedule the apartment in such a way as to open up a maximum of space and make it light and airy. As a result, walls that were not carriers were dismantled. So we managed to achieve the effect of free space. Another method, which was used by architects, was to minimize the number of doors, since only Love will live here. The only door that has remained untouched is the one that leads to the bathroom. Elena Nikitina, architect: - We wanted to create a feeling that this is an apartment with a history and has long been habitable. This we have achieved through the use of bricks and concrete on the ceiling and pylons. The storage system turned out to be one - it's a dedicated dressing room. She let us give up the closet in the bedroom. In the hallway we arranged a cupboard for storing household things - a vacuum cleaner, an ironing board and other household items.

In the lilac-gray haze

Love wanted to rest in this apartment, soIt was not supposed to distract her from this. This is the reason for choosing the color scheme that prevails in the interior. Canvas of the whole space was a creamy shade, against its background, lilac-gray furniture, textiles and doors of muted ash tone are favorably allocated. To dilute the pastel scale, black accessories are called for, which harmonize with each other, creating graphics in the interior. Lamps are also black - solid and tasteful.

Budget, but stylish

One of the tasks that was set before theArchitects - to find budget options for decoration, furniture and equipment. Therefore, all pieces of furniture were purchased at IKEA. Finishing and lighting were found in local construction markets and in hypermarkets. And accessories and accents searched and brought from travel.

No banal things

Love is a multifaceted and versatile personality. She did not want to make her interior boring and banal, so the accessories were given special attention. If the furniture was chosen budget, then in the objects of the decor I wanted to see only exceptional things. So in the kitchen there were works by the artist Polina Arzamastseva, and other walls are decorated with reproductions from France. Anna Pustovoitova, architect: - We tried to find individuality in accessories and accents, for example, such as an old handmade bench, which we found in one carpentry workshop and restored. The mannequin pasted with old newspapers is our business. We found the banquet in the hallway in the carpentry, where it lay idle. We cleaned it up, ordered a soft seat, and it fit perfectly into our interior.

Tips for creating such an interior from the studio "ArkhBaby"

  • To be able to hear and understand the customer's desire.
  • Do not clutter the space with furniture.
  • Think about the layout - it's important at the very beginning.
  • Find the hidden potential of an apartment.
  • Always in the interior interesting look complex color combinations: mouse, smoky, foggy, tobacco and graphite together with black elements.
  • Photo: Denis Vasilyev