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The interior of the week: how to equip a wooden dacha in the suburbs

How to arrange a summer residence of your dreams? Many people think about this before the beginning of the spring season. Today we will visit the dacha outside Moscow, where the owners managed to translate their dreams into reality and create a house that does not want to leave. Winter is coming to an end, the summer season starts soon, and many are already thinking about how. Our heroes have long dreamed of such a secluded place, where they could rest from hard work. With the years this desire grew more and more, and finally their dream came true - they designed their own paradise on earth, and they were helped in this by designers and decorators Elena Karpenkova and Ivan Ureka. Elena Karpenko and Ivan Ureka, designers-decorators In 2007 they joined forces and created their own design studio. They always work in a duet, decorating interiors of different levels - from economical to luxurious. They pay attention to details and always "hit the target", creating exactly the interiors their customers dream about. Since 2014 they are members of the association of interior decorators "ODI".

From dream to reality

Today the heroes of our story are the couple,who have lived together for many years. They already have adult children and grandchildren. Despite their solid age, they are young at heart and always optimistic. Their positive attitude was reflected in the interior of this villa. Her spouses dreamed for a long time, but the schedule of their work was so dense that the cherished plans had to be postponed constantly. And this employment is understandable: she worked as an economist, and he was an engineer. At one point they just wanted to escape from work, tension, city noise and turmoil. When they bought a house in the suburbs, they realized that they could not do without the help of professionals. They represented a picture of the ideal coziness, but how to transfer their dreams into a real interior, did not know. That's why they turned to the young designers-decorators, who helped them decorate the dream house.

More freedom

Since the customers turned out to be very modern,layout on the first floor decided to leave free, which is now very fashionable. Often such a space occurs in the homes of young people, but the owners of this house have proved that it is possible to stay young even in retirement. The only "snag" was the placement of the TV zone. Customers wanted to be able to watch TV in the living room area and in the kitchen area. But to place it in this way did not work, because the clutter of space with extra furniture and overlapping the view of the fireplace to the owners of the house did not want to. The problem was solved with a turntable.

Heat of the family hearth

This family is very warm to the traditiongather together at a large table. That's why in the dining room area there is a transformer table, behind which, if it is laid out, 12 persons can be accommodated. The fireplace is also a kind of center. When he meets with him, the owners, along with their children and grandchildren, conduct friendly conversations, share their impressions and look at family photo albums. The environment has a slowpastime and rest. This effect was achieved thanks to a light color scheme, laconic design in the classical style and, which used in the design of the house. Elena Karpenko and Ivan Ureka, designers-decorators: - The color solution, which we decided to apply - is as bright as possible. The chandelier for the living room was already presented by the children at the time of arrangement of this room, so she set the tone for the further decoration of the room. The rest of us and the customers wanted to see more light, as in Moscow it often is not enough. Therefore, the interiors of other rooms also have clean and light shades.

Place for a hobby

When children are at work, and grandchildren at school, our heroesreturn to their usual affairs, which give them a lot of fun. The landlady devotes much time to the garden and the garden. She likes to grow vegetables for summer salad and flowers, which are always pleasing with her beauty and aroma. And another hobby of the hostess is the creation of culinarymasterpieces. She constantly experiments and pleases her husband with delicious dishes. It was for this purpose that a large and spacious kitchen was created, where it is always light and comfortable. The owner likes to make all kinds ofadaptations for home and garden. Another of his passion is a car, he keeps it in perfect order. And of course, one of his mandatory wishes was a separate bathhouse, which was built on a local site.

Materials, manufacturers, finishing


  • Kitchen made to order. The choice fell on the Italian factory Tomassi. In total, the creation of the kitchen took about four months.

Living room:

  • Sofas - Italian brand Nicoline.
  • Coffee table - IKEA.


  • The cabinets were made to order by author's sketches.
  • Beds - IKEA.


  • In the bathroom lining used Tagina factory tiles.

To order:

  • Kitchen set.
  • Stairs.
  • Wardrobe.


  • Most of the house is decorated with wooden wallpaper "Gusvarblok", and only the accented walls are highlighted with vinyl wallpaper of the German factory P + S International from the collection Labyrinth.

Floors and doors:

  • Paul decided to make a laminate board. Since the house is wooden and is exposed to the environment, a floating method of laying the cover was preferable.
  • The doors were chosen white because of the large number of them on the second floor, so they did not look like dark pits in the interior.

Tips from Elena Karpenkova and Ivan Ureki:

  • Your home should be a real refuge for you,so it is important to fill it with comfort, for example, decorate in light colors and make a fireplace in the living room that will not only warm in winter, but also give a sense of comfort.
  • The wooden house is famous, first of all, for itsa cosiness, inherent only to a tree aroma, pleasant invoice and appearance. Use in this house a maximum of natural materials, which are in harmony with the tree.
  • When decorating walls in a wooden house, it is not necessarymake them completely monophonic. You can combine not only color, but also material, as we did, combining wooden and vinyl wallpaper in one interior.
  • Do not pursue certain brands, someexpensive things to create a cozy atmosphere. A frame with a family photograph on the fireplace and several indoor plants is enough to make the interior look not strictly, but at home.
  • Do not clutter the wooden house with interior items and furniture, against their background, the uniqueness of your house can be lost. Make sure that all items fit harmoniously into the interior.
  • photo courtesy of Elena Karpenkova and Ivan Ureka