The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior of the week: how to make repairs without re-planning


What to do if the layout of the apartmentimpossible to change? How to make such housing as comfortable as possible for living? The designers of the DveKati studio managed to solve these issues when they decorated the interior for a young successful girl. We often write about successful redevelopments, but today we will talk about how to make the space comfortable without changing the planning solution. This apartment is located in Moscow, in the area of ​​Sokolnicheskaya Square. Architects Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze from the DveKati studio worked on its interior. Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze, architects Girls are our permanent experts and are often published on the pages of our online magazine. You can learn more about them.

Without re-planning

The owner of the apartment in question,there is a girl named Alla. She works as a financier for a large leasing company. When our heroine bought an apartment, she realized that this house needed major repairs. For help, she decided to turn to the architects of the DveKati studio. Alla showed the specialists the layout of the apartment (panel house of the P-3/16 series), where the space was divided by two load-bearing walls into three isolated rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen and a living room. In this state of affairs, it was difficult to change something. The designers proposed options with the transfer of openings in load-bearing walls, which is allowed by law, but requires a technical conclusion and approval. The hostess decided to take the easier and faster way. It was decided to work with the existing standard layout without making significant changes. The only improvement is the creation of a separate mini-dressing room in the bedroom, because the owner of the apartment is very keen on fashion trends and loves to replenish her wardrobe with new dresses.


The designers added light to the narrow corridor whenwith the help of built-in ceiling lights and mirrors on the ceiling - they visually break the space and create a visual effect of volume. It was possible to successfully zone the living room thanks to the construction of a massive portal made of plasterboard sheets. It became a kind of decorative object of the apartment, despite the fact that it was also equipped with a convenient mezzanine for storing things. Two attractive lamps were also placed here, which create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze, architects: - In the bathroom, to our great pride and without sacrificing space, in addition to the main plumbing equipment, we managed to place a cabinet with a rather big washing machine (60 cm deep). There are also spacious shelves for storing household chemicals and towels.

Chocolate with menthol

Girls love chocolate, in this case it isreflected in the color scheme of the interior. The landlady is crazy about the combination of shades of milk and dark chocolate with turquoise. They also formed the basis of the color scheme for the interior. The contrasting ensemble of beige and blue did not go unnoticed. This is especially evident in the bedroom, where the softness of a light shade is diluted with fresh blotches of blue. An impromptu portal attracts special attention to itself, which is the first to "greet" everyone who entered the apartment. It is covered with graphic chocolate wallpaper with ethnic floral ornaments. You can even say that this is the "calling card" of the apartment.

Eco or ethno - that's the question!

Modern with a touch of eco - that's how style is definedof this interior the architects from DveKati themselves. In their work, they started from the wishes of Alla, and she wanted the furnishings to be fashionable, comfortable and it would be possible to transport part of the furniture here from the old apartment. This is how a wall faced with oak board appeared in the living room, which, by the way, adorned the floor in this room and, by the combination of texture, perfectly matched the wallpaper of the portal. The natural motif can also be traced in the wave-like pattern of porcelain stoneware, which is used for facing the wall in the kitchen. But in the bedroom, behind the headboard, ethnic motifs are used, which can also be traced in the pattern of the floor porcelain stoneware in the hall. Despite their belonging not to the eco-theme, but to the ethnic style, they also have a smooth, rounded, natural shape. Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze, architects: - In order to dilute the resulting symmetry of the openings, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the hall, mirrors are used here and there on the walls and ceiling, which, distorting the space, break the severity of the planning. The same technique with mirrors is used in the bathroom, it gives additional perspective to the space.

Tips from the architects of DveKati:

  • In the presence of a bearing wall in the apartment, remember that it is often possible to transfer the opening.
  • If the room allocated for the bedroom haselongated rectangular shape - build a dressing room in it. The remaining space is enough for the necessary set: a full double bed and bedside tables.
  • Can not decide on the style of the apartment -start from your favorite color combinations, which eventually lead to a common stylistic concept. Remember that the combination should be no more than two or three, with a few bright patches.
  • Use mirrors, including as a facing material. Where can I find the suitable ones in size? In any construction market, you will cut the mirrors you need.
  • To create a feeling of flowing spaceand keep the apartment more "air", get rid of unnecessary doors and apertures. So, in this project it was possible to visually increase and make the light sullen hall and expand the small kitchen, refusing to install the door.
  • photo courtesy of DveKati