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Interior of the week: a colored house in the style of Provence in the suburbs


I like the Provence style, but think that it is not forour interiors? Then, perhaps, a striking example from a house near Moscow will convince you of the opposite and inspire you to finally decide on such an experiment. Graceful and unusual Provence can be found not only in exquisite French mansions in the south-east of France, but also in our suburbs. The interior of this house was designed for a family with two children by the architect Tatyana Morozova. The space has magically turned into a real garden of paradise, where unusual birds of various colors and bright flowers live. Do you want to make sure that Provence is not always whitewashed interiors in neutral colors, that this style can be very bright and multifaceted? Then look! Tatiana Morozova, architect We have already written about one of Tatiana's projects, you can get to know him better and find out more information about the architect.

Features of the layout

The house was literally built from scratch. As a starting point, a typical project was selected, slightly adjusted to the wishes of customers and their lifestyle. The main material was a profiled beam, because the architect personally recommended it. The erection of the house took about a year and another winter of downtime on technological requirements. And then it's time to finish, to create a provence so desired by the owners.

Garden of Eden with Birds

Rapidly expanding Moscow has already come closeto the old dacha of the owners in the Skhodnya area, so it was decided to build a new country house so that it would be closer to the untouched nature of urbanization, where there will be a river nearby, birds chirping in the morning and a lush garden. The Provence chosen for the interior, as it turned out, is loved by every member of the family, but nevertheless it had to be slightly adapted to our realities. And the customer herself wanted to get away from the abundance of white shades typical for the style, and enrich the space with bold color accents. So the project received the code names "Garden of Eden" and "Flower Provence" for a reason. Tatyana Morozova, architect: - The idea of ​​a blooming garden and birds was taken as the basis of the general concept and was reflected in huge panels. In the parent's bedroom it turned out to be iris thickets, and in the daughter's room - a tea rose. The author of the wonderful works was the artist Anna Schott, who made these wonderful works in the fresco technique to order.

Bright natural colors

Harmonious, natural and rich interiorit seems for a reason. After all, these bright colors were taken in accordance with the shades of the birds' plumage, their breasts and crests. As a result, it turned out to represent all the colors of the rainbow, where each plays with special colors, performing his own unique role. And light shades of natural wood made the overall picture complete and complete. Tatiana Morozova, architect: - Birds have become the most important theme of the project and its integral element. In order not to acquire stereotyped images of feathered friends, the quality of which, moreover, often leaves much to be desired, it was decided to make them on our own. For this, digital pictures of birds were purchased by the eminent ornithologist and animal painter John James Audubon. And then, using watercolor paper, they were printed out with their own hands and framed. The result is excellent and, most importantly, unique.

As if by magic

To illuminate the house, the classicalSolution - a central lamp, floor lamps and table lamps, additional lighting zones. But still there is a very interesting feature. This house is built in an amazing place, because no matter how many people come there, it's as if the sun always shone through magic, even when it was raining in Moscow at that time. Therefore, the architect decided to use wooden blinds. Making their way through them, the sun leaves wonderful images inside the house, fascinating look, and it gives the impression of the eternal southern sun.

Materials, furniture, decoration

Living room:

  • Majolica - salon "Beautiful tile";
  • Floor - a massive White Antic board, the company Union Parquet;
  • Chairs, a sofa - a furniture factory "March 8";
  • Fireplace - "Leroy Merlin";
  • Forged elements were made to order;
  • Curtains - textile design studio Korfil Decor;
  • Wooden blinds - IKEA;
  • Elements of decor - "Uyuterra", Zara Home;
  • Light - Rosstyle, Roomer, O-Design.


  • Table with chairs - "Amadeus";
  • Posters depicting birds were made to order;
  • Baguettes for posters - workshop "Gioconda";
  • Vases, candlesticks, glasses - "Uyuterra".


  • Kitchen, chairs - IKEA;
  • Corner cupboard, table - "Interior shop";
  • Desktop decor - "Uyuterra";
  • Lamps - Rosstyle.

Daughter's room:

  • Colossus, chair, mirror - "Amadeus";
  • Vase - "Uyuterra";
  • Posters depicting birds were made to order;
  • Baguettes for posters - workshop "Gioconda";
  • Fresco with roses - company Applico (the figure was made to order);
  • Floor lamp - O-Design;
  • Baskets, blankets, pillows - Zara Home;
  • Wardrobe, rug - IKEA;
  • Chest of drawers, table lamp - "Interior shop";
  • Watch - online store "Red Cube";
  • Lighting - Rosstyle.

The son's room:

  • Bed, mirror - IKEA;
  • Chair and console - "Amadeus";
  • Chest of drawers, table lamp - "Interior shop";
  • Pillows, textiles - Zara Home, IKEA;
  • A statuette, books - the property of an architect.


  • Fresco with roses - company Applico (the figure was made to order);
  • Furniture - IKEA;
  • Baskets, textiles - Zara Home;
  • Lamps, frames for photographs - "Uyuterra";
  • Curtains - studio of textile design Korfil Decor;
  • Blinds - IKEA;
  • Floor - a massive White Antic board, the company Union Parquet;
  • Lighting - Rosstyle.


  • Tiles - the firm "Greta Wulf";
  • Furniture - IKEA;
  • Baskets, towels - Zara Home;
  • Vases, towels - "Uyuterra".

Tatiana Morozova, architect:- The forged elements of the balcony, doorways, stairs and patios were custom-made according to my sketches. In forging, you can see an amazing composition that tells about a beautiful flower garden and curly greenery. As for the furniture, the same style has been preserved here - a combination of Provence and classics.

How to create an interior in the style of Provence

Let's figure out how to adaptStyle Provence under our realities and whether it is necessary to fully adopt all its characteristic features for its interior. That's what the author of the project Tatyana Morozova advises on the example of this house:

  • Do not try to create an interior of pure style, such a real Provence, because we are not in France. It is necessary to stylize it.
  • First, study and analyze the mainFeatures a style of Provence. These include a common light bleached tone, ceiling beams, shutters on windows and doors, an abundance of textiles and small details (paintings, prints, frames, mirrors). Wooden surfaces and textures - floor, beams, furniture, as well as painted - furniture, windows, doors. As a rule, you need coloring in light pastel colors: white, creamy, bluish, beige, pinkish.
  • Then take as a basis what is suitableYou and your interior, separating all unnecessary. For this project we decided to choose a combination of wood with white coloring, ceiling beams, especially since they are constructive. The floor and ceiling made the same color / texture, which allowed to visually combine the interior. Well, as you already guessed, blinds on the windows, thanks to which beautiful striped shadows are obtained.
  • Add something from another opera. Yes, it requires a modern interior. At us it was a bright tile with obvious east color for a floor and walls, both background, and with an ornament. More posters with the image of birds, from the images of which the entire color palette of the interior was repelled. Plus we took modern and classic details: furniture, floor lamps. I would add a couple of very modern elements, for example, colored plastic chairs or thumbs. But the customer was categorically against plastic.
  • Do not forget to fill the interior with something copyrighted andOriginal, which no one else has. We stopped at a fresco with a somewhat non-scale image of flowers: irises and roses. The scale has been specially modified and enlarged to give a modern sound to the whole interior. The picture is made to order in the specified color palette.