The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior of the week: an eco-friendly apartment in the middle of Moscow

How to decorate the interior, where you could live peacefullytwo lovers, their cat and dog? In this case, the couple have plans for children, so the design should be done "for growth". Today we will tell you how Olga and Alexey managed it. This family is very optimistic and has a good sense of humor. In their treshka they perfectly get along with the four of them. Meet - this is Olga, Alexei, Plush and Gosha. They have long dreamed of a family nest in a good area where they could settle for a long time, live in a relaxing and comfortable interior. Olga Shumilova and Alexey Perventsev Olga 28 years, she is the administrative director. Alexei is 31 years old, he is the director of personnel, Ph.D. Olga is fond of her husband, traveling, reading, and yet, she said, some kind of crazy set of children's hobbies: coloring by numbers, embroidering, laying out a mosaic and the like. Alexis is fond of his wife, sports, cinema, travel, exhibitions, theater and .... personnel management. Plusha is a British cat, 7 years old. He is fond of sleep and boxes with packages. It is special because it was born on 07.07.07. Gosha is a Danish-Swedish guardian, 5 months. He is fond of running, Plush and various kinds of destruction. He is also special because he was brought from Finland, and he is one of the first representatives of this breed in Russia and in Moscow!

Ideal place for living

Find a suitable place for a future homesucceeded in one of the oldest districts in the center of Moscow - at the Shmitovsky Passage. The purchase of the apartment was inspired by the status of the brick house, built in the pre-war years and having a courtyard-well, as well as a close location to the Krasnogvardeisky ponds, with their beautiful views and clean air. Olga Shumilova, the owner of the apartment: - We dreamed of buying an apartment for a long time, did not want any intermediate option. They set the goal: to find an apartment "for growth", so that everyone had enough space to make everything comfortable. A key role was played by the presence of a park nearby to walk with the children we really want, and with the dog that was already in the plan at that moment. We wanted the apartment to become a place of rest, a kind of cozy castle.

In search of specialists

Having bought an apartment in the right place, Olga andAlexei began to look for professionals who would be able to formalize it in accordance with their dreams, characters and one more circumstance, to be exact two: the cat Plush and the dog Gosha. Having reviewed a lot of the portfolio of interior designers on the Internet, they realized that there are several categories of such specialists - those who make luxurious interiors for a lot of money, and those that build their work on monotonous "chips" or fixate on one style. In the end, they managed to find professionals. The architects from the studio "Dvekati" - Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze - approached the role of candidates. Olga Shumilova, the owner of the apartment: - It was very difficult to find designers who do not create an interior for a picture and do not twist the whole design around one "chip", color or style, but make an apartment for living: practical, comfortable, beautiful. And not for a million dollars. One of Katya was the friend of Lyosha's friend. We went to the site, looked at photos and decided to try!

For business!

At the first meetings of designers and hostsapartment was born a common eco-concept, close to the Scandinavian. This choice was due to the sympathy of Olga and Alexei to natural colors and natural materials. The light tone was taken as the basis, against the background of which intricate stone and wooden textures came to the fore, which are pleasant to examine or feel when touched. The wallpaper was abandoned at once - this was one of the conditions of a married couple, as in this family live a cat and a dog who do not mind having fun with paper on the wall. Therefore, decided to fragmentarily paint the walls in the color of spring grass and sky blue. Ekaterina Mamaeva, architect: - We introduced deliberate untidiness into the finishing. For this, the painters were asked to plaster the window slopes and paint them without finishing the lining. Just treated with a brick wall in the bedroom - roughly plastered the fragment behind the bed, so that the headboard fit better, and you could install the sockets. The walls in the corridor were plastered in the style of a mud hut. The ideal invoices were obtained.

Features of the layout

The architects immediately realized that the potential of thisThe apartment is much larger than the proposed layout. To prove this, they proposed their own variant of redevelopment, which was immediately approved by the owners. So there was a wardrobe in the bedroom and a spacious kitchen-living room with three windows. Luxurious bathroom with a window remained untouched. The apartment still has two separate rooms "for growth". Ekaterina Svanidze, architect: - Repair work began in parallel with the design and approval of the stylistic interior concept. Timely dismantling was necessary, as old houses with wooden ceilings sometimes hide unpleasant surprises. One of them was a laid chimney, or rather, not the chimney itself, but that, for technical reasons, it was not functional. Customers dreamed of a real fireplace, but, unfortunately, the idea could not be implemented.

A little more about surprises

If the faulty chimney was unpleasantsurprise, then the native brickwork, which was also discovered during the repair work, became a real find. It came at the right time and was the ideal element that supports the overall eco-concept of the interior. To emphasize the attractive texture decided in white. The visual effect from it is enhanced by the wooden ceiling beams and the floor, which contrast with it. Wooden windowsills are also tinted under the color of the floor, which makes this interior picture complete. But about the lack of a fireplace for a long time did not have to be sad - the architects solved this issue by installing a bio fireplace in the television zone of the living room.

How to choose furniture for the interior, where will live a cat and a dog?

In this family, people live on a par with peoplepets - very beloved and dear. Usually they say they are like children to us. But, as you know, children like to rip the wallpaper off the walls, destroy everything and break in the game. This happens with Plush and Gosha, especially when they stay at home only together. It is for this reason that Olga and Alexey made a compromise - they decided not to buy expensive furniture for the first time, until the baby Gosha grows up. The ideal option in the conditions of the proposed styling and finishing was IKEA furniture. Here it is presented not in its pure form, but refined by designers, so it's clearly not readable. For example, the cabinet in the bathroom is remade beyond recognition. It was decorated with a wooden table top, and a strange overhead sink in the form of a drop made of natural basalt gave it an additional charm. Also unique is the kitchen set, assembled from three different collections, the facades are made of veneer and stainless steel. Their contrast is emphasized by a black slate wall, on which it is possible to record favorite recipes. Ekaterina Mamaeva, architect: - Our separate pride is the resulting bathroom. The presence of such luxury as a window originally gave flight for a design fantasy. But we managed to make it as functional as possible - a corner bath, a separate shower room and, most importantly, the wishes of customers, a home infrared sauna! All managed to fit perfectly, and the owners admit that they never regretted their decision.

Finishing, materials and brands

Made to order

  • A massive sliding door to the living room with the texture of an aged tree according to the design of designers;
  • shelving under the windows according to the sketches of designers.


  • kitchen set - IKEA;
  • functional lighting - SLW;
  • bar stools - IKEA.


  • bed - Hoff;
  • bedside tables - Ifab;
  • functional lighting - SLW;
  • parquet board - Coswick, collection of oak Tavern.

Living room

  • sofa - IKEA;
  • a sliding door to the living room according to the sketch of designers -The Ply;
  • coffee table - Ifab;
  • functional lighting - SLW;
  • decorative lamp over the sofa - Ifab;
  • parquet board - Coswick, collection of oak Tavern.


  • factory "Stylish Kitchens".


  • Sanitary ware - Hansgrohe;
  • functional lighting - SLW;
  • floor ceramics - Atlas Concorde, collection Time;
  • ceramic tiles - La Faenza, collection of Neozebrino and Marca Corona, collection of Jolie;
  • basalt shell - Sheerdecor.

Corridor and others

  • interior doors - Union Chameleon;
  • functional lighting - SLW;
  • outdoor porcelain stoneware - Atlas Concorde, collection Time.

Tips from the architects of the studio "Dvekati" for the arrangement of such an interior:

  • The texture of a brickwork always gives charm, inincluding eco-terrier. If the apartment does not initially have brick walls - build a real partition from the real brick or, for example, a supporting leg for the bar counter.
  • Conscious negligence - the chic of Europeaninteriors. When dismantling, found a piece of old plaster moldings, a fragment of brickwork or frescoes, a beam of overlapping? Make them part of the interior, and do not cover with faceless plasterboard.
  • Pendant chair in the apartment - it's fine, just take care of strengthening the ceiling in the place of its fastening in advance, at the stage of rough repair works.
  • In the rooms "for growth", which subsequentlywill become childish, it is necessary to carefully think over electricians and lighting scenarios from the very beginning. Lose the possible options for arranging furniture, until adolescence, and consider all the necessary outlets, switches and ceiling lighting.
  • Dreaming of a home infrared sauna? It can easily fit in the bathroom, increased by the corridor.
  • photos provided by Olga Shumilova and studio "DveKati"