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The interior of the week: monochrome romance in the New Riga

Many people mistakenly think that monochrome is boring.But designer Lena Inashvili loves to create interiors in such a color scheme, thus proving that monochrome design can be very interesting. Today we want to introduce you to one of the new works of designer Lena Inashvili. As you know, she loves to experiment with monotonous shades, creating interiors that seem to have been carried over from a retro photo. But at the same time, despite their monochrome, they are filled with life, bright accents and are a reflection of the customer's character. Lena Inashvili Educated at the Complutense University (Madrid) and the Academic School of Design (Moscow). Head of his own design studio Art At Home. “I like to create interiors that do not look like a remake: a little antiquity, a drop of modern and everything is mixed. I definitely use decorative plasters, which give the house an incredible sense of coziness. The main thing is modest, but festive and mysterious. "

Dreams of customers

This town house is located on the lake, in onefrom the most prestigious districts of Moscow - on the Novorizhskoe direction. The windows offer a magnificent scenic view, which disposes to tranquility. An elegant, successful woman lives here, who has previously managed to get acquainted with the works of Lena Inashvili. The hostess of the house is attracted by monochrome interiors, she wanted to see her house just like that. Lena Inashvili, designer - The customer wanted to accentuate the green color, but in the process of work her mood changed - from ordinary to romantic. Thanks to this, I was able to introduce a sonorous pink color into the interior, which I had long dreamed of. He gave the house lightness, femininity and elegance.

Features of the layout

The planning was done from scratch, all the wishes of the customer were taken into account. In the planning process, the house has three bedrooms, a living-dining room, a kitchen and three bathrooms.

Color solution

Initially, the customer wanted to arrange everything inmarsh green range. But the light, gentle and pleasant atmosphere in the house was formed largely due to the light sand color, which was taken as a basis. The romantic atmosphere was accentuated by the pastel pink upholstery of the chairs in the dining room area and one of the sofas in the living room. Also pink is found in decor and textiles.

Play of light

The lighting solution is selected in accordance withneoclassical style. Large chandeliers with suspensions act as the main lighting fixtures. Floor and table lamps are placed in the activity zones. In the dining room you can see wall sconces made in the manner of candlesticks. They are good to use when you want to create a chamber atmosphere. But in the living room there is one small trick that gives special lightness to the interior - the backlight hidden under the ceiling. Our opinion: - In the bedroom, Lena used a very interesting technique - to expand the space, she used large mirrors, and placed pendant lamps near them. So, in the mirrors the light emanating from them is reflected, thereby filling the room with additional warmth.

Furniture and interior items

  • table in the living room from Gramercy Home;
  • sofas, coffee table, showcases - Cristopher Guy;
  • chairs from Baker;
  • coffee tables in the living room and bedroom - Rugiano;
  • a bed - Dream-Land;
  • armchairs - Eichholtz;
  • desk - LCI Stile;
  • fresco in the bedroom - Baga.

Materials and finishing

Modular parquet was chosen for the flooring.And the choice fell on him not by chance. The fact is that the owner of the house and the designer agreed that the house should not look like new. Therefore, the project included light worn decorative coatings on the walls, velvet curtains and patinated ceiling cornices. Lena Inashvili, designer - This house has large and spacious rooms, not crammed with furniture. All in moderation: a little classic, something modern, a little decorative plaster and a chic expensive floor. How did it come about? It's up to you to judge. Photos courtesy of Lena Inashvili