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Interior of the week: an ideal two-level apartment with an attic for the Moscow family

You bought an apartment on the top floor, andIt turned out that there was an attic floor on top. What a godsend! This is what the customers of this project thought and decided to merge the floors into one large apartment. Interior designers of this Moscow apartment call their project "Attic". And indeed, its second level was originally a non-residential area, which no one needed. Worked on the design of "Attic" a whole creative team from the workshop of Ruetemple: the authors of the project Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butahina and the architect Natalia Gubareva. They created not straitened by partitions and walls, a dazzling light and ultramodern space. Ruetemple workshop: architects Daria Butahina and Alexander Kudimov The area of ​​interest of the Ruetemple workshop is everything that concerns the space that surrounds a person, be it an interior or a city environment. Among the projects are residential buildings, interiors, landscape objects, furniture.

Dreams of customers

The customer of this interior was a family of four, two of whom are children - boys of three and five years. Wishes from parents were clear:

  • Create a sense of light and volume;
  • To think over functional furniture;
  • Make an interesting nursery;
  • Provide enough space for storing different things.

Ruetemple workshop: - As a result, it turned out to be interesting: the minimum of things and decor, the maximum of functions and comfort.

Features of the layout

It all started with the fact that customers purchasedOne-level apartment on the top floor of the house. After a while they learned about the existence of a mansard non-residential floor. They were interested in this space, and they managed to become its owners and legitimize it as a residential one. Thus, the apartment became a two-level apartment. Before the architects from the workshop of Ruetemple there was a task - to turn the second level into a comfortable and bright living area, to combine it functionally and ideologically with the first level into a holistic space. So, on the first level there is an entrance hall, a kitchen-living room, a bedroom and a storage room. The space of the second level is almost all day full of sunlight. There are a lot of attic windows, high ceilings and steep roof slopes. Proceeding from this, it was decided to place here a spacious recreation area with hammocks above the stairs, a nursery with several levels and an office with small windows-balconies that go to the roof. Workshop Ruetemple: - Initially, the apartment on two levels did not have internal interior walls, the room attracted its open space. The most difficult task that faced architects was to preserve these valuable qualities in the planning and placement of all functions. We hope that we succeeded.

Color solution and light

It was decided to maintain a sense of air andVolume, especially it was relevant for the second level. The architects decided to form an interior that does not distract from the natural plastics of the walls, inclined ceilings, shining from the windows of the sun, creating a beautiful play of highlights, light and shadow. That is why their choice fell on natural materials and colors, and the decor was used in minimal quantities. Workshop Ruetemple: - Walls and ceilings - white, floor - from natural wood, and in the kitchen and in the hallway - from gray granite. The luminaires were chosen in such a way that they provided the necessary illumination of space, but merged with the interior and did not stand out. For the same reason, the interior has a lot of hidden LED lighting.

Made to order

Almost all the furniture, except for sofas, chairs and a dining table, is made to order and organically inscribed in space.

children's room

Since there are two children in the family, the question of theNot less important. The room was decided on the attic floor, under the roof slope, where the variable ceiling height at the highest point is five meters. In this part of the room a four-level structure is formed. It is made to order. At the highest level, you can get in two ways: from the nursery and from the living room, with which it is connected by a ladder. Workshop Ruetemple: - This level turned out to be the most intriguing, a magnet for children - a real secret place, inspiring adventure games and various creative fantasies.

Finishing, materials and brands


  • The kitchen is made to order in the company "Stylish Kitchens";
  • Dining table and chairs - BoConcept;
  • A bar stand and pedestals on the kitchen adjacent to the loggia are made to order;
  • Bar chairs - BoConcept.

Living rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors

  • Sofas - IKEA;
  • Stands are made to order.


  • A bed - "Stylish kitchens";
  • The wardrobe is made to order in the company "Stylish kitchens";
  • The decorative panel in the headboard is also made to order.


  • Shelving and wardrobe are made to order ("Stylish Kitchens");
  • Working chair - BoConcept;
  • Countertop is made to order.


  • Lamps - Artemide;
  • Floor lamp, table lamps - Flos;
  • Spot, sconce, led-lighting - SLV, Imex, Centrsvet.


  • Bio-fireplace - Planika Fire Line Electronic;
  • Parquet - Scheucher;
  • Porcelain stoneware - Arch-skin;
  • Doors - "Sophia".

Photo courtesy of Ruetemple workshop