The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior of the week. Respectable minimalism

Designer Yuri Zimenko developed a projectModern apartment with a strict masculine character, where in a single, harmoniously arranged space, the brevity of minimalism and avant-garde things make an ideal couple. The interior of this Kiev apartment was designed by the author for a bachelor, so there is a strict and at the same time reserved character in her surroundings. The concept is built on a contrasting combination of black and white, while the combination of glossy and mirrored surfaces helps visually increase the volume of the room. Before us - an example of a stylish, perfectly organized space, where there is nothing superfluous, and finely selected decorative tools create a unique character. Yuri Zimenko, designer Born, lives and works in Kiev. For more than 10 years, his design studio has been developing and authoring design projects of private houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, shops, and also develops an object design. In this case, all the customer's wishes are taken into account. The studio's work has repeatedly won prizes at various competitions. Among the last - a victory in the nomination "Interior of an apartment in the classical style to 130 square meters. M "all-Ukrainian interior award ARTSPASE 2013. Yuriy Zimenko: "The main desire of the customer was to create a minimalistic interior in black and white. He wanted a laconic environment - one in which there would be nothing superfluous. Since the area of ​​the apartment is relatively small, about 60 square meters. M, the main task was to properly organize the space. This project I especially like the fact that everything in it is in its place. He attracts with his correct geometricity, precise consistency and at the same time refined modern elegance. "

Features of the layout

Living room and kitchen with dining room combined inOpen common area. The walls, covered with white, iridescent pearlescent shine with decorative plaster, serve as an ideal background for black furniture. To soften the severity of the black and white scales, the floor is lined with parquet in the wood of the aipe, toned in a dark color and varnished. Visually expand the space helps a combination of glossy, metallic and mirror surfaces, giving birth to a bizarre game of highlights and reflections. Transparent plastic chairs from Philippe Starck support this idea. The characteristic expressiveness of the interior composition is given by the objects of the avant-garde Dutch brand Moooi. So, in the living room by the window there is a black "charcoal" armchair Smoke Chair designed by Maarten Baas. Next to the dining table is the Smoke Dining Chair from the same series.

Decorative Techniques

Decorative mirror in the living room findsIts continuation in the decoration of the sofa from Flexform. Its side parts are lined with a mirror, while they can serve as a stand, say, for glasses, dishes or a vase with flowers, and a place for storing books and magazines (shelves are provided from the end). Curtains with a mirror partition hide the input group located behind them. On the one hand, it is a functional element that separates the zones, and on the other - they organically pick up the rhythm of the interior pattern and are easily included in the game of glossy and reflective surfaces visually increasing the space. The author pays special attention to the selection of fixtures. For example, in the bedroom, held in the context of the overall interior concept, the Flos lamps, created by Stark, are located on the bedside tables. A pair of black armchairs in the living room is a luxurious chandelier decorated with crystal pendants, and behind it there is a stylish floor lamp resembling a steel flashlight on a stand.

Their findings

On the former balcony-bay window it was possible to cut outA place for a mini-cabinet with a desk and a nice sitting area, which has a comfortable white sofa and a stylish coffee table. On the desk - a lamp Archimoon Soft from Flos designed by Philippe Starck, and next to - a transparent chair from his author's series for Kartell. Thanks to the large arched windows in the floor here is especially good in the fine days. The bathroom, decorated with light gray marble tiles, is decorated with the same as in the living room area, the "burnt" chandelier Smoke Chandelier. By the way, plumbing here from Duravit, also according to Stark's design. Studio of Yuri Zimenko