House and Cottage

The interior of the week: work on bugs

This house has 2 authors, lots of details,Collected from around the world, and a very happy fate. Having passed into the hands of the designer Natalia Mitrakovoy, the ascetic interior was completely transformed and became truly loved by the new owners. This interior at the finishing stage changed the author, which, undoubtedly, only benefited him. The designer Natalia Mitrakova has created a bright, unusual space where it is simply impossible to get bored. Natalia Mitrakova, designer: "I am a graduate of the Modern School of Design and for more than 5 years I have been creating the interiors of houses and apartments. How do I do this? First I listen to clients' stories about favorite things, memorable places and travel experiences, family habits, dreams and fantasies. We together leaf through the interior books and magazines, discuss the photos you like and share our thoughts and suggestions about the future project. Then I immerse myself in its creation, in architecture, proportions, colors, textures, furniture, textiles, decorative details. Sharing with clients their experience and knowledge of interior design and decoration, I give them the opportunity to orient and feel comfortable in the sea of ​​choice and options. My goal is to save customers from fear and doubt in making the right decision, to enthrall them with the design process, as well as decorating their own space. "

Color solution

The color scheme of this interior is neutral, fromDark gray to almost white. The main ceiling lighting was selected before the arrival of Natalia and sustained in the style of minimalism. With the advent of the new designer, it turned out that the interior conceived by the previous author of the project was rather ascetic, and customers lacked coziness, detail and fullness of space. Therefore, Natalia Mitrakova decided to add to the interior expressive ceiling lamps made of neutral textiles. For example, similar to a pack of ballerinas chandelier Fandango of a stringed muslin. Also, the designer added a large number of table lamps of classical shape.

Made to order

On order were made the underworld space, the library in the home theater and the curbstone under the TV, the doors of which are lined with veneer root laurel.

Living room

The sofa in the living room - Flexform, armchair and coffee table brought from Europe, everything else (all the decor, side tables and lamps) - American company Palecek.


In the master bedroom, the bed is Flou, bedside tables and chairs - Palecek. In the bedroom of the son, the bed with storage is also Flou, and the funny puffs from the tree bark are Palecek. Natalia Mitrakova, designer: "Working on this interior, I received exceptionally positive emotions. Customers - people are positive and open, with a wonderful sense of humor, separating and supporting my love for everything unusual. In addition, as it turned out, ready to wait patiently for the arrival of things from the remotest corners of the globe (for example, the long-drawn picture of the Canadian artist Dmitry Gretzky, now hanging over a sofa in the living room, as well as lithographs of famous artists from Europe, North and South America ) ».

Wallpaper, paint, textiles

Textiles for this interior were chosen exclusively natural. Basically it is a flax of Lizzo, Chivasso, Kravet factories.

Floors, doors

Floors and doors were chosen before the arrival of Natalia, but their classic design and bright turquoise color allowed to make in the interior classical furniture and bright, cheerful decor items.