Interior of windows: rules and design design techniques

The general appearance of the room largely depends on the decor of the window opening. In this there is nothing surprising, because it is primarily on him that the look of the person entering the room falls. Salad curtains in the living roomWith the help of window decor you can giveinterior highlight, uniqueness and aesthetics. Windows can be different: small and large, low and high, wide and narrow, with and without a window sill. Not always they perfectly match the interior that the owner wants to create in his home. But if you make a little effort, this situation can be corrected. The main thing is to choose the right decor and improvised means.

Rules for decorating window openings with curtains

The most common and simple decoration methodwindows is the use of curtains. Curtains are the element in design that can completely change the composition of the interior. So, they can hide the window, if the specifics of the style require it, or, conversely, create an accent, where the window opening will occupy one of the main places in the composition. The emotional coloring of the inner atmosphere of the home depends on the color of the curtains. At the same time, they can visually expand the volume of the room or make them smaller. The original purpose of the curtains on window openings was to protect the internal environment of the dwelling from external factors: sunlight, drafts and noise. They are of great importance today, but at the same time they should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the house. Here you should also take into account the features of decorative fabrics that will be used for decoration. In the summer season, the window can be curtained with thin and light fabrics that will not obstruct the access of fresh air, and in winter - with heavy and dense materials that create a reliable barrier to the cold. What should be considered when designing window openings in the interior? First of all, the color. Then - the theme and scale of the drawing, if it is present on the fabric. These characteristics must fully correspond to the parameters and purpose of the premises. For small rooms, you can use curtains invertical strip. For example, in a small room, it is undesirable to use multi-colored curtains and it is highly discouraged to match their pattern to the style of the wallpaper. It is better to use curtains with vertical stripes, which will help and make the room more voluminous. If you need to decorate a window in the Provence style, you can use fabrics with a relief texture for weaving and a stylized check or strip pattern. The same design of the window opening is also suitable in country houses. In order to create a rustic interior, painted furniture can also be installed here. If the room is designed in a calm and rich style, it is better to choose materials that complement the feeling of luxury. It can be brocade, velvet or silk curtains with exquisite lambrequins and tiebacks. Back to the table of contents</a>

Decor of the window opening depending on the purpose of the room

Creating a design of window openings, you can nottake into account in which rooms they are located. When decorating the living room, the accent on the windows will be appropriate and interesting design reception. Curtains made in saturated colors and having expressive patterns will look great here. If the interior is created in the bedroom, where accents are not needed, the decor of the window openings should be performed in soft colors, in harmony with the basic shades of decoration. When decorating the window in the bedroom, you must usecalm pastel shades. Usually natural colors, pastel shades, bringing warmth, tranquility and coziness are used here. An example of the design of the windows in the bedroom is presented in the photo. In the bedroom, you can use the reception of a combination of several types of curtains. Usually this is done in order to eliminate the factors interfering with sleep. If the windows face the sunny side, you can add to the main curtains and blinds, which will adjust the intensity of the lighting, preventing the sun from shaking the owners in the early morning. At the same time, there are a number of rooms where access to sunlight seems necessary. First of all, it should be said about the veranda of a country house. It's nice to meet the morning on the country veranda, permeated with the gentle rays of the rising sun! Here, the interior does not require sophistication and luxury, so for the decor you can use short, about 1/3 of the window, curtains located in the upper part of the window opening. For such cases, lightweight natural fabrics of cheerful colors are ideal: in a cage or a flower on a light background. In addition, in the country house can be used and simple lambrequins of dense fabric, covering the upper part of the window. The color of lambrequins is selected in accordance with the color of frames and other textile accessories. Back to contents</a>

Modern design techniques for decorating window openings

In the window opening with a bay window you can build a sofaor a table. Today, there are many ways to make window openings not only original and unusual, but also functional. In today's world, where lack of space is the main problem, such solutions look most relevant. So, in the opening window with a bay window you can arrange a sofa or a table, combined with a window sill. Thanks to this method, there is additional space for work or rest. The windows above the sofa can be curtained with curtains of calm tones, which will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. If the space is intended for work, it is desirable to use curtains that have high functionality and occupy little space. It can be roller blinds or blinds. An example of arrangement of a recreation area combined with a window opening is presented in the photo. A very interesting and original solution looks like a window located at the head of the bed and presented in the photo. Such a way to diversify the interior can be thought by those who plan to build a country house. In this case, the decor for the window opening can serve as curtains in the tone of the head of the bed and upholstered furniture. Back to contents</a>

Window openings of large size

If the room has large window openings and the mainthe accent is the landscape behind them, then the curtains can not be used. Sometimes large windows create a lot of problems for the owners because they are difficult to fit into some style solutions. In order to reduce the size of these window openings, you can use another interesting design technique. Here you should apply roller blinds, completely repeating the color and pattern of wallpaper, and harmonizing with them in the tone of the curtains. Place the fastening of roller blinds under the wide cornice. If you want to reduce the window, the roller blinds are slightly lowered. Their complete combination with the wallpaper creates the impression that the window opening is small. Also it is convenient and to hide the room from prying eyes. But sometimes the interior is created in such a way that its main accents are chic landscapes, located behind window openings. In this case, large windows are an advantage and do not require any decoration. Curtains for such window openings should not be distracting. There will be appropriate fabrics, the color of which fully corresponds to the color of the walls. The curtains move apart so as to completely free the window opening, and move when it is necessary to hide the inner environment of the home. To select windows, frames of contrasting color are used (white walls - dark frames), combined with the color of furniture. As can be seen from the presented information, today window openings in the interior occupy one of the most important places. Their decor is inextricably linked with the general atmosphere of the home: the more literate it will be created, the more harmonious the house will be.