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Design of the interiors of houses in the style of the chalet of Irena Barene

Get an education teacher in FrenchLanguage, to work as a guide-interpreter, to gain a huge experience in the exhibition business, and then to engage in construction, finishing and turnkey assembly of objects. All this is on the account of our today's guest, who not only patented her own trademark, but also became a trendsetter in Russia for building chalet-style houses. Meet: Irena Barene, interior designer, owner of the company "Irene Barene Workshop". By her own admission, the first significant object for her was the restaurant of the Historical Museum in Moscow, where the first Otis elevators were installed to serve food. Today, Irena Barene's experience in interior design only lasts 20 years. Irena Barene, interior designer Korennaya Muscovite with French roots, which she got from her grandmother Madlena - French. Worked in the VAO "Intourist" guide interpreter, referent. Then in ZAO "InterLatvia" the head of the direction of organizing and holding exhibitions abroad. I studied in France and Germany. She studied at the School of Design of Nadezhda Lazareva. Today, in addition to design, is engaged in the design of individual houses. Irene was the first to introduce fashion for the construction of a chalet in the suburbs. Chalet "Madeleine" Project "Chambord"


Favorite styles - the so-called traditional: Classics, new classics with elements of art deco, chalet, Provencal, French chateau, Parisian chic, country French (French country), loft ... But due to the fact that I have been working in this field for a long time, the author's style . This is the feature. In projects, I create a mix, which uses elements of different directions depending on the preferences of customers, in different dosage and proportion. And the customers, being tested, sometimes do not realize that they like this or that style: they just share their feelings ... The implemented projects - houses and apartments - radiate the warmth and comfort of the "lived" interior, whether it's a chalet or a Paris apartment in an elite Quarter. I consider this to be the highest aerobatics when creating an interior with a heritage. Project "Alpina" The project "Santa Maria"


It is in the careful elaboration of details when creatingProject. Feature - hand sketches, which draw professional artists. In sketches, we show real interior items, which are then included in the specifications. Decoration, textile design, color concept element and the entire interior in general are worked out at the stage of creating a design project and drawn by artists in accordance with the author's project to the smallest detail. I do not like Novodela ... Everything is simple. Walls were put, plastered, painted, floor put - ready! Furniture was brought - you can live! Hence the availability of such a business in the field of interior design: everything is fast and cheap. In my opinion, design is love. Love for the profession, not for yourself in it. Love of art, music, history, painting, folk art ... Love for life in motion, including travel ... And, of course, to knowledge. A superficial attitude towards the profession is not enough to create an author's interior. To make an interior, you need to love it, how you need to love the owners to understand them. Only then can we talk about an individual project for a particular family. Project "Sabrina" The project "Katarina"


The cost of our work is from 150 euros in ruble equivalent per square meter. Depends on the complexity of the project. So, the style of the chateau is from 200 euros.

Favorite project

The one who is at work.

Favorite brands

I work mainly with American furniture andAmerican light. Marge Carson, Century, Ralf Lauren, Henredon, Fergusoncopeland, Ambellahome, Maitland Smith, La Barge, Habersham, French Héritage, E. J. Victor. And with the French factories: Taillardat, Moissonnier, Pansu. Atelier de Brou implements furniture and boiseries elements under the trademark Irena Barene collection by Ateler de Brou for our designs and designs.


We work in Moscow and the Moscow region, as a whole across Russia, abroad: in France, Czechia, Austria, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan.

The most unusual case from practice

Creation of own carpentry production in order to be able to embody design projects by the way they were created.

The most difficult task that had to be solved

Construction of the village. We built 28 houses in chalet style at the same time. Was the project manager. Actually settled on a building site, in an administrative building. Projects of our workshop. It was very interesting to work. A good team of like-minded people. My mother was brought to my office to see me. The project "Sabina" Project "Mon Fiss" Project "Barenetta"

The best projects

Chalet Madeleine. This is one of the most favorite projects of Irena Barene, created by individual order. Initially, the difficulty was that customers insisted on the predominance of white color. But the color of the French interior "white and white," which is so loved in Paris and Provence, is uncharacteristic for a chalet. However, the customers did not change their decision. Moreover, they still planned a bohemian salon in the oriental style. Irene was able to unite these distant from each otherStylistics in one interior. She found the most necessary shade of white - creamy, which created a warm aura in the house. A unique staircase, a billiard room, a wine room, a master's library, as well as cabinets, console tables, mirrors and a nostalgic lampshade in the kitchen give an inimitable home comfort to the house. A two-sided carved cornice and heavy silk curtains combine a grand living room with a fireplace and a TV zone in an oriental style. Chalet "Barenetta". It can rightly be considered the most unique project. This is the home of Irene herself, where she sought to recreate the history of her kind. Everyone who is in it, draws attention to the fact that the rooms are made in a different manner. When the hostess is asked what was determined, she responds like this: - My feelings. I wanted to create just such a house where all the rooms look a little different. But despite this, they are all united by a common idea: the house as a family nest. Cleanliness of style is nowhere to be found and can not be. But in every room there are elements of styles that, as the French say, "you can marry well with each other". Everything that can be seen in these interiors, in principle, I really like myself. Apartment in chateau style. One of the most interesting styles and, probably, beloved by designers, as it can absorb elements of various artistic trends that reigned for quite a long historical period. Here Gothic and Renaissance, classicism and baroque. It is this historical heritage that blows from an apartment of 270 square meters. M in the center of Moscow. Previously, Irena Barene had already designed a country chalet for the owners of this apartment, so she knew their tastes and preferences well. This time in the basis of the idea of ​​design lay the passion of the hosts to France, which are often in this country and are very fond of it. Ancestral nest with motives of ancient French estates - this is what the designer tried to implement. The style of the chateau is manifested in its characteristicDetails: decorative decoration of walls, arches, portals, cornices, swing doors. Carved decor is clearly visible on the facades of cabinets, which creates a stylistic unity. All this splendor, like most of the furniture, was made according to the sketches of the author of the project - designer Irena Barene, in her own studio. Interesting layout of the apartment. The entrance area includes an entrance hall, guest bathroom and laundry room. In front of the hall you are greeted by the main hall - library. All other rooms are organized around the hall. Behind a wide arched portal is a cozy living room, to which adjoins the kitchen-dining room. The living room is a walk-through, you can get from itIn the "male" and "female" half of the house. In the first one there is a bedroom of the head of the family with a zone of a cabinet and a shower room. On the "female half" - another bedroom, a children's room, a large bathroom and two dressing rooms. From both "adult" bedrooms there is an exit to the balcony. The grandiose character of the interior shows itself in the hall, where a cozy reading corner with a table with a marble top is successfully placed. Here - stylized antique armchairs and a lamp made of bronze. In the living room the theme of light tones continues upholsterySofas and armchairs, window curtains, wallpaper on the walls - all this is made of damask silk, which gives the room elegance, ease and aristocracy. With light colors of these elements contrasts the chest of drawers and coffee table, made of dark wood with a large carving. The chest of drawers reflects the style of the Renaissance, and the coffee table - early baroque. In the kitchen-dining room draws attention nicheBehind a stove, lined with ceramics and decorated with copper kitchen utensils. Thus, the designer has beaten the theme of the home. "Workshop Grad-Style" made for this area the countertops of the working area and the kitchen island made of natural marble. One of the main roles in the design of the whole apartmentWas given to textiles. It was the fabrics that created the right mood, revealed the character of the interior, adding a pronounced French accent to it. Any architectural studio or interior designer can visit. Write to us on the mail