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Interiors of the 60's: why relevant, what's good, shopping -

You did not catch the 60's, but you heard a lot about them and would like to plunge into that atmosphere? Now you have such an opportunity! The design in the style of space race times is back in fashion

In our difficult time, a return to past victoriesand joy inspires more and more. Probably, that's why the design of the 60's is back in fashion. The shades of the eternal holiday of life, rounded, characteristic for that time forms, lightness of designs and functionalism are now incredibly attractive both for designers and for customers. We could not pass by such an event and created a collection of modern interiors, impregnated with the spirit of the space race.

Far not many of us now dare to recreatein his own home the Soviet situation of the 60's, but this is not required. The modern version of the interiors of the times of youth of our parents does not at all render stagnation or lack of opportunities. Quite the contrary, the flexibility and courage of the new millennium added to the familiar, almost native forms. Freedom, elevated to a new level.

Today, the design of the middle of the last century is mentionedwith respectful prefix "retro", we also want to add to this combination the characteristic "fashionable". After all, it's not the first season that more than half of the leading brands have produced collections, if not completely, at least in part inspired by the heyday of "children of flowers", jeans flares and dreams of cosmic proportions.

If you are not ready to completely redesign your interior, but want to supplement it with a couple of details of "those times", then you have five reasons to do it tomorrow. Well, or a couple of days.

1. Furniture in the style of the 60's - an ideal option for owners of small apartments. They are compact and light. Sofas, armchairs and pedestals always stand on thin, slightly divorced legs. Such furniture creates a feeling of "air", which is always lacking in small sizes.

2. If you are tired of eternal eclecticism, rough surfaces and complex shapes that only dust collect, the interior of the 60's will become a breath of fresh air for you. Wood, glass, plastic, natural textiles, a calm palette and complete freedom for decoration. What else is needed for happiness?

3. You love space, but are not ready to live in the scenery of the space saga? Again, the 60's will help you. For the right mood, only a few bright details are needed - a pair of "radiant" lamps, sun-like mirrors and a round chair in which the future agent Jay filled the main test of life.

4. Items from the 60's perfectly combined with the most popular now styles - Scandinavian, loft and minimalism. A new armchair, desk or shelving can easily and naturally fit into your thoughtful and modern interior.

5. The interiors of the 60's are all shades of the rainbow, which at any time can be discolored, up to monochrome.