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Interiors from IKEA: the best trends are named


IKEA is always among the first to notice new trends.The Swedish company has named the best ideas that are already in fashion and you will definitely like them. Sharing with you the most interesting According to forecasts, in 20 years, 70% of humanity will live in cities, which means the need for comfortable, functional, but small apartments will only grow. In such conditions, not only the fashion for colors, shapes and finishing materials is changing, but also for the very way of life and the structure of everyday life. Leading designers of the Swedish company IKEA told where everything is going. Interior design trends 2016-2018 IKEA always tries to focus on the needs and desires of its customers. And modern residents of the metropolis see their home as a place of rest, for them simplicity, restraint, environmental friendliness and traditions are important in the interior. And looking into the future, IKEA names the trends that will become the most popular in interior design in the coming years:

  • black metal;
  • Round furniture;
  • Ancient textiles;
  • Mexican modernism;
  • Scandinavian carpets;
  • Ceramic clay color tile;
  • bung;
  • Dark green color;
  • escapism;
  • Environmental friendliness.

All this will help the residents of the big city to relax and enjoy their home. Trends that are going away But there are trends that are still on the list of popular ones today, but will soon fade into the background and will be completely forgotten:

  • Pink metals;
  • Sharp edges;
  • Industrial chic and loft;
  • marble;
  • Quotes in the interior;
  • Sisal and jute.

As the saying goes: "Fashion is fashionable, but at home it should be warm, cozy and comfortable." Small house becomes big Talking about comfort andcomfort, IKEA designers never tire of reminding them of their new slogan: "Make yourself at home." The small spaces that the majority of the population is destined to find themselves in should remain so only on the floor plan. Small can be big - it's not for nothing that now there are so many ways to intelligently organize space. "Liquid" house This is a real break from the IKEA template.It is not so important to eat strictly in the kitchen or work while sitting at the desk. In a big city and a small home, the main thing is not strict rules, but positive emotions. IKEA encourages not to build barriers between family members, but to be together there and in the way that suits you. From general to specific Despite the fact that peopleI like to spend time with my family, everyone sometimes wants privacy. If you try, even in a studio apartment, you can select a separate corner for each family member, and this corner will be a separate, private area. Then each of us will definitely feel at home in comfort. Responsible home Do not forget aboutenvironmental friendliness and saving resources, it is necessary to take responsibility for the environment. But at the same time, it is important to remember that home is a place where we relax and are charged with positive emotions. This means that he should take care of our health and comfort, give pleasure. Therefore, before purchasing a thing, it is worth considering: will I be happy to own it? Communication with children IKEA always thinks of families withchildren and tries to offer products and interior solutions that will help adults and children feel equally comfortable in the house. Every home should be designed so that parents and their children can cook, relax, or do business together. And to make it fun, convenient and safe. The conversation about trends took place within the framework of the lecture,held by leading IKEA designers Sasha Burtsev and Carita Cohen on November 29 at the IFC showroom with Match Point apartments. Swedish became the creator of interiors for apartments in the Match Point multifunctional complex. The designers of the company conducted a tour of the showroom of the complex so that the guests could be convinced of the layouts and appreciate the thoughtful one.