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Interiors in the style of modern classics from the designer Natalia Bazhenova

How to find a compromise if the apartment ownerslove different styles in the interior? How to make so that even the most incompatible objects in space could "make friends"? Natalia Bazhenova shared her secrets with us. For the designer, working on each new project is a solution of new and interesting tasks. Too many nuances need to be taken into account in order to result in a steep interior, which will become a constant source of positive emotions. But the more difficult the task, the more interesting the result, says Natalya Bazhenova.

the main thing

• style - different, most recentlyart deco, • price tag - medium in Moscow, • uniqueness - individual approach to each customer, special attention to his tastes. "Even with the habits of everyday life with which people live and consider them bad, you should not fight. You can adjust the interior for them! ". Natalia Bazhenova, designer In 1998 she graduated from the art faculty of the State Academy of the sphere of life and services (now the Russian State University of Tourism and Service). The first specialty is a designer of textile and light industry products. In 2005, she completed her studies at the National Institute of Design.

Bright projects

Apartment-lantern "The mistress of an apartment lovedcook, but, alas, smoked. We fenced the kitchen room with the advanced doors with frosted white glass. Inside the furniture is ivory. When the light in the kitchen is turned on and there are no other rooms, the light emanating from under the frosted glass illuminates other rooms. The interior of this apartment was published in the magazine "Beautiful Apartments" in 2009 ". Elegant office "I mostly design houses and offices, but sometimes I work on the space of offices and cafes. This is the office of the head of a well-known company. " Memory and modernity "This is very interestingproject. My clients are grown-up people, and they have many things dear to the heart. And they were so different that at first I did not know what to do with them. In addition, the tastes of the spouses, as often happens, are different: the wife likes minimalism, and the husband gravitates toward the classics. "

Work experience and team

I began to design interior design beforeadmission to the Institute of Design. My professional work began in the famous furniture company Mr. Doors. Later, one of my regular customers offered me a design project for the Riedel boutique in GUM. Then went the project of apartments and houses. Basically I work with one assistant - a 3D visualizer, with which I execute the project from and to. However, when a very large project appears, I draw the draftsmen.

Natalia Bazhenova, designer


- - Natalia, what style do you like most?Do you like to work? - - I believe that the designer should help the customer find his individual reading of the interior, correctly correct it by color and shape, not forgetting about the ergonomics of space. After all, there is no bad style - there is a bad pitch! - What are your main achievements? - - The fact that most of my clients turn to me on "word of mouth". It means that people recommend me! The achievement, perhaps, is a rather large experience in the design of furniture - it allows you to quickly cope with the various problems that sometimes arise on the site. - What is your best project? - I think that he has not been created by me yet and will be realized in the near future. I believe that a creative person will never be satisfied with his work to the end, he will always strive for the best. If this does not exist, then the person has stopped developing. - What is the geography of your services? - - I work in Moscow and the Moscow region, but would not refuse projects in other cities. - - Which companies can you name favorite and why? - - I do not have any favorites. I choose furniture that suits the project's purpose and the budget of the customer. However, as for the tiles, that is, those brands that I use in work most often are Grazia, Revigres, Petra. The first costs reasonable money and is beautiful in the classics, the second one I mostly use in minimalistic interiors, and the third one is suitable for luxurious and expensive spaces in different style directions. - Natalia, what is the most difficult task ever faced by you? - - Probably, this task also awaits me ahead. For me, the more difficult the task, the more interesting the result. And to do something for an evening or a night - this phenomenon is quite frequent. Sometimes it happens that you come to the client, and the team is already waiting at the facility and it is urgent to design that the builders do not stand still. - - Your favorite place in the apartment and why? - - My favorite place since the institute - near the TV in the living room. Why? Just most of the sketches by hand and drawings I do next to my family and TV. I do not like to be alone. Probably, these are my strangenesses. - - Remember, please, an unusual case from your practice. - - Once I was making a big house in the baroque style. The landlady loved gold very much, besides, there was a lot of stucco in the interior. I planned that in the interior of this noble metal there will be not so much, only in the rice drafts of the cornices. I left to rest, and when I returned, I found out that the landlady had ordered to cover the ceiling moldings tightly with gold. It turned out as in Versailles. I was surprised. Any architectural studio or interior designer can visit Write us on the mail to