According to the Fazenda program: a lounge with a summer mood for the Panteleev family

Literally a couple of hours ago, the nextThe release of a program that fulfills the dreams of an ideal home. We hasten to tell you about the subtleties and main features of the new project, created from natural materials. This time the program was invited to a family where everyone loves summer, warmth, sun and green. But who does not love all this !? Only in our climate summer is so fleeting that it is impossible to enjoy it in full! The team "Fazenda" made every effort to make a sort of evergreen home corner in the house of the family of Elena and Ilya Panteleyev! To work on the project, designers Anastasia Mezenova and Larisa Grachev were invited. The girls offered to let nature into the house and decorate the interior with natural finishing materials - marble, moss, wood, wicker items and living plants. To work they got a room without finishing, so that you could immediately begin to transform. Larisa Gracheva, architect Graduated from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Service, a specialist in wooden house building and a designer of author's furniture. He participates in numerous internships and exhibitions in France and Italy. He is also the head and the founder of the architectural bureau Forma-T studio, which specializes in creating interiors of residential and public spaces, architectural design and decoration of existing spaces. Anastasia Mezenova, architect Graduated from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Service, International School of Design, Rodec Diploma. Designer of author's interior items. He participates in numerous internships and exhibitions in France and Italy. He is also the head and the founder of the architectural bureau Forma-T studio, which specializes in creating interiors of residential and public spaces, architectural design and decoration of existing spaces. First, on the marking, metal frames are sewn onto the wall and part of the ceiling. Later on, the original wood trim will appear. The frame of the hemispheric two-level ceiling was made immediately. All the new frames were lined with moisture-resistant slabs of wood and shavings. This material allowed to create fairly smooth surfaces, ready for finishing. The same slabs were trimmed between the room and the hallway. Before that, they also managed to make a metal frame. All the assembled surfaces were plastered and primed. After that part of the ceiling was covered with white paint, and the walls were painted with a rich mustard-yellow color. So the sun was let into the house. From a profile tube of square cross section wasWelded decorative frame for the future of the fireplace. The frame was made in the form of a traditional oven and dyed in a saturated brown color with a special paint for metal. At the same time, regular shelves were assembled and painted white in the form of regular boxes. And the basis of the future coffee table was assembled, legs of which were made of alder choke, and the basis of the table top was made of a conventional furniture board. Similarly, with a fireplace frame, the table top was painted brown. The wall in which there was an opening before, it was decidedDecorate. How did this happen? Separate cubes of different sizes from natural marble were pasted onto a grid measuring 30 x 30 centimeters. After the mosaic was installed, a slightly relief marble wall appeared. In the first second, it may seem that it was cut into pieces of sugar. On a pre-prepared metal frame,Lined with slabs of wood and shavings, there were also sewn on wooden panels. Each detail was given a rhombus shape, based on moisture-resistant parquet plywood, and above - oak lamella. The panels of rich color of walnut were chosen. All the rhombs are glued to the base so that a pattern is obtained that looks like a piece of parquet. The heating pipe was closed with a wide wooden skirting board, completely repeating the shade of the walls and ceiling. The batteries were covered with screens - they were cut from the plywood by laser cutting using the sketches of the authors. The plywood was painted with a nut impregnation. A part of the two-level ceiling was attachedLED strip to visually make it higher. In the former niche between the rooms, wooden panels were installed, on which the natural shade was pre-strengthened. Gracheva Larissa, architect: - This is a natural moss, from which, according to special technology, moisture is removed, and then a glycerin-based solution is pumped in instead of it. Thanks to this technology the moss retains its natural color and texture. The same stabilized moss of several colors decorated and a coffee table. They topped it with a top made of tempered glass. The result was a real oasis. In the high doorway was installedMetal guide, on which hung specially designed for the project sliding door. It was made of a thin MDF board, and oak veneer was pasted on top. For the electric fireplace, a hard base was made, which was pasted with a flexible slate. This is a thin section of natural slate, which, thanks to a special technology, exfoliates from the main rock. An electric fireplace was mounted on the stone base with a more than spectacular illusion of real flame. The models of firewood that can be carried are placed in a forged basket inside which the furnace itself is installed. In a separate tank, ordinary water is poured, under the influence of ultrasonic membranes, it evaporates and is illuminated by LEDs. The illuminated vapor creates the effect of a real flame. Anastasia Mezenova, architect: - In the ceiling niches above the windows we installed special cornices - with the help of aluminum tires they can be made of any length. On the cornices hung bright curtains of dense flax. On the windows - Roman curtains of a similar fabric. They were sewn with thin brown strips, hinting at the fireplace mantel. In the place of the future dining room, we strengthened the hanging lamps, the lampshades of which were made to order from the same fabric as the sofa. He was installed in the public zone of the living room by the wooden wall. A sofa of pleasant olive color can be decomposed into a full-fledged bed without any effort. And he fits perfectly into the resulting natural interior. The sofa was decorated with decorative cushions, sewn tooEspecially for the project. On both sides of the sofa put folding tables with wooden bases and countertops woven from natural rattan. On the tables are lamps, the bases for them are alder saws, painted in the color of snow. In the dining room area, a massive table with a spectacular base made of natural stumps and a MDF countertop decorated with oak veneer was installed. The form of the countertop resembles the contours of an unedged board, which was done specially, according to the author's sketches. This fits perfectly into the overall interior concept with a lot of natural finishing materials. Around the table were arranged comfortable wicker chairsFrom artificial rattan. They are based on an aluminum frame, which makes the chairs very light. In the warm season they can be used on the street. Of the same material is made and a chaise longue, which was installed next to the sofa. Window sills and a table decorated with multi-colored flower pots with fresh flowers. On the wall in the dining area hung shelves, made in the form of boxes. On the shelves arranged bright objects, floral arrangements and dishes. The table was served with white porcelain utensils, glass goblets and glasses. On the shelves inside the voluminous wooden wall were arranged decorative animal figures, candlesticks and fresh flowers. All the details were selected taking into account the general style of the interior - in natural colors or from natural materials. The result is an interior in which at any time of the year there will be a spring-summer mood and fresh air!

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