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What to add to the interior to save yourself from the heat: 4 items and something else -


Have you run out of strength in the first week of heat? We hurry to you with a saving list of 5 points, the following of which will certainly help create the most comfortable for life atmosphere

The Lady's weather has been monstrous in recent yearsthe character has deteriorated - she will mix up the seasons, then the atmospheric pressure throws like old shoes. And we suffer as always. So this time the summer crept slowly and with special effects. But a week has passed and, having forgotten about the rains and cold, we accumulate in small groups around the fans and argue about the hidden aggression of the supply and exhaust air conditioners. Let's deal with everything in order. 1. Air conditioner

It should be installed only by a professional andonly after a meaningful conversation with the host. In a conversation, you need to tell honestly at which point of the room you prefer to sit, lie and simply remain motionless for an extended period of time. Armed with this information, the installer will find the only correct point of positioning and suspend the source of coolness so that in your home, along with new equipment, chronic pneumonia and tonsillitis, paired with sinusitis, do not settle.

Do not forget also that the air conditioner only lowers the air temperature and is unable to increase the amount of oxygen. So, in any case, the room will have to be ventilated. 2. Washing the air

An alternative to air conditioning is this structure,of course, you will not name. But the fact that by blowing air through its filter-containing bowels, this purifying unit cools it a couple of degrees. Along with cleaning, the air is moistened and saturated with negatively charged ions. Those who care for the quality of all substances that enter the body, probably already appreciated the atmosphere "after the rain," which the air washing generously spreads around itself. 3. Blackout curtains

Curtains for windows with the characteristic of blackoutsimply unable to pass the sunlight. Therefore, they should be kept in "combat mode" constantly. In this case, in the room with the curtains curtains, the air will not heat up, which means that the air conditioner will not be needed. 4. Color

Lower air temperature with the help of externalstatic effects are also quite possible. In this active visual assistance can be rendered in color. For example, in a yellow room, the temperature will rise by one degree, in orange by two, in red by three. Negative dependence is traced with cold shades - green "lowers" the temperature by one degree, blue by two. Of course, the walls for the summer period do not need to be repainted. It will be enough to get textile of the appropriate color scheme - bedspreads, tablecloths, upholstery, linens and curtains. 5. Bedclothes

Speaking of bed linen in the summer, it is worthnote not only the color design, but also the composition of textiles as such. Even if on the cotton set next to the% symbol there is a beautiful number of 100, this does not mean that you have an absolute and uncompromising cotton in your hands. It can very much contain from 1 to 3 percent of synthetics, and on the first stuffy night you will feel every artificial villus with your skin. There is only one way out: look for linen from percale - Egyptian cotton. He has the most durable and dense kind of weaving. Tactile sensations, too, will please - the percale is very smooth and feels like a satin, because of what in the heat to sleep on it is a complete pleasure.