What not to give for the New Year: funny ideas of bad presents


Many people start to fantasize for a month alreadyThe theme of what exactly will receive as a gift for the New Year. However, among these dreams there is also a "black list" of subjects that you do not want to get at all. We made a small selection of the most common "wrong" gifts

We all know that it is not a gift that is dear, but attention, but there are gifts that are really expensive and completely inappropriate. Our today's top 9 will describe just such cases. 1. Some plants

Carnivorous sarracenia, for which the hostIt will be necessary to have flies, a stapel that exudes the fragrance of decay, many other exotic species of the flora that are not at all tolerated by the Russian spirit are better not to be presented to friends. The key word is for friends. 2. Fireplace portal

Fireplace - it's great! But only if your friend planned to equip it. If not, then a hefty stone frame will have to be arranged somewhere, so as not to upset the giving. Along the way, destroying the existing interior, of course. Articles on the topic 3. Named items

Mugs, plates, frames for photographs, towels, etc. It's tasteless, silly and pointless. Even if the letters are encrusted with semiprecious stones. 4. Mannequin

Not so long ago there was a strange tendencyDecorate houses with vintage mannequins, and especially creative natures considered this a guide to action. A two-faced, lifeless creature standing in the middle of the apartment, looking at one point with a glance, will at some point begin to trigger, even in a mentally stable person, uncontrollable paranoid attacks. Such things can only be presented as a joke. 5. The Grand Piano

It is beautiful and, no doubt, functional, but only in one case - if the owner has somewhere to put it. 6. Objects of contemporary art

They are controversial. Sometimes very. Careful. 7. The Aquarium

We have in mind a large aquarium, which you have to look after. Have your friends ever dreamed of breeding fish? And do not insist. 8. The living crow

Even if your friend has watched the movie 165 times"Raven" and fell in love with the mystery and beauty of this bird, we call you to abandon the campaign on the bird market. Crows wake up at four in the morning and very nasty yelling until they are fed. They do not like children and animals. They have very strong and sharp beaks. And very complex character. Related Articles 9. Striking Clock

Let it thrice antiques - after the first night with it the owners will take up the ax and destroy the subject of interior art will think of you.