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Classical style kitchen: 10 interior design options

Simple forms, symmetry, discreet decor andMuffled tone - the first association with the words "classical style". On the example of the best works of Russian professionals we will consider how to create a classic kitchen interior so that it is modern, interesting and fashionable. There are great works of art, unsurpassed models of cars are created, and there are interior solutions that embody human attraction to comfort, reliability and beauty - This is called classics. Classicism, reinterpreting Baroque and Rococo by the canons of antiquity, in its pure form remained a historical phenomenon, becoming the basis for various directions. The modern classic style is the use of elements of old styles along with the trends and materials of today. Vadim Martynov, architect: - This kitchen is designed for a country house with a total area of ​​550 sq. M. M. The customer did not want to unite the premises, as it was necessary to preserve the respectability of the dining-living room. Vadim Martynov, architect: - In addition, the kitchen was also presented with high requirements in terms of "splendor" and functionality. The kitchen is provided with all the necessary household appliances and is solved in the classical spirit, the technique was chosen appropriate. Washing at the window allows you to make the washing process more pleasant. The cooker hood, which was so neatly put into the general line of hanging cabinets, is the central element of the composition, located according to the principle of symmetry, important for the classics. Colors are calm, warm, and the combination of matte and glossy surfaces gives a special sophistication. Forms and space Classical style is inherent:

  • free space;
  • High ceilings;
  • Clear zoning of premises;
  • Architectural elements in the interior - columns, pilasters, cornices, pediments;
  • Straight lines and laconic forms;
  • The integrity of the perception of the elements of furniture and parts of the decor.

Victoria Smirnova, designer: - One of the wishes for designing a kitchen for a family with two children was to create a light and bright space. Convenient for cooking, which is the hobby of the customer, and for family holidays. The layout of a three-room apartment in the houses of the P-44T series allows you to transfer the entrance to the kitchen through the living room. Overcoming the difficult process of reconciliation, high cabinets with equipment managed to be placed in a niche, which was previously a corridor. Https:// Victoria Smirnova, designer: - Kitchen set from a series of "English classics" was chosen in "Stylish Kitchens". It was decided to implement this model in a basic cream color without the use of gold, silver and other decorative elements. The dining group Giorgiocasa, led by a small sofa, is conveniently located in an ideal location - in a bay window by the window, thanks to which there is always a lot of light in the kitchen. Furniture in classic style Kitchen set inThis style direction - elegant and majestic, from natural expensive materials: valuable wood, patination, granite or marble, gilt or bronze fittings or their imitation. Typical for the classics are high curtains and freestanding kitchen cabinets, the facades of which can be glazed, ornamented, decorated with restrained carvings. Another feature - unique kitchen hoods, plaster or metal, often made to order. Kristina Stavskaya, architect: - Classic style in the interior of the kitchen is perfect for those who appreciate the elegant luxury and richness of the finish. The furniture company "Myrt" helped to implement the original solution for bright and ambitious customers and at the same time emphasize their status and good taste. This kitchen is characterized by symmetry, clear rectangular forms and strict lines. The center of symmetry is a plate, which is decorated with decorative tiles with plant patterns. All household devices are expertly hidden behind a magnificent facade of deep blue. Kristina Stavskaya, architect: - The set with exquisite lines in outlines and ornate patterns in the decorative elements of furniture is made of precious wood that perfectly harmonizes with the marble floor. Wooden panels, made in the tone of the kitchen set, combine everything into a single whole space and give a special splendor to the interior. The result has become a good foundation for new family traditions and is ideal for creating culinary masterpieces. Room decoration in classic designRestrained decorate with expensive, but not intricate details. Lamps often use crystal, massive, consisting of many elements. Mirrors, paintings in baguettes have a symmetrical and clearly defined design logic. And the addition of various antiques in combination with modern interiors looks stylish and interesting. Alyona Franchyan, architect: - This project is not typical for our office: the owner of the constructed house asked us to create a technical task for each building for a construction company and a carpenter's factory, which, according to her idea, should independently develop the project. The kitchen space is not a separate room, but a dedicated area in the main dining room. The kitchen and the main room of the dining room are divided into elegantly decorated arched portals. Alyona Franchyan, architect: - Before the beginning of the work, we decided on the color scale that appealed to the customer, and also jointly selected the prototypes of those interiors whose style was to be eclectically intertwined with the scale of the existing premises. Favorite for the mistress of the house is the decoration of some rooms of the palace of San Souci and some examples of the premises of the Italian Rococo. Kitchen furniture is a model of Arcari arredamenti brand Venezia cucina, bought long before the house was completed. Maya Vasyagina, designer: - A luxurious kitchen-dining room in a classical style was designed for the Italian factory Aster. Color - ivory with patina - and carved elements on the cornice, decorative columns gave elegance, and a large area of ​​glazing helped make the kitchen light, airy and at the same time show the most beautiful collection of dishes that the housewife possesses. The mirror also expanded the space, reflecting a large window and filling the room with light. Household appliances in the classic interior SinceHousehold appliances do not fit well in the classic interior, it is often hidden behind the doors or in separate niches. Kitchen equipment is not always easy to hide in order to preserve the style unity. Therefore, leading manufacturers of household appliances. And the works presented by designers illustrate such a combination. Veronika Kovaleva, architect: - Classic style in our embodiment - for respectable people who value comfort, smoothness, fullness of the interior. The peculiarity of these projects is the desire of customers to bring a piece of culture and history to their home. Here you will certainly meet interior items with historical value, original works of art. For us, "classical houses" are interesting. Veronika Kovaleva, architect: - As an illustration of what has been said, I propose to look at the interior of the country house kitchen. This project has already been implemented. The manufacturer of the kitchen here is the most proved to be - Scavolini Baltimora. The furniture has adjusted, extremely harmonious proportions. No extra monograms, patterns, embellishment. A light, barely perceptible patina on a painted wood, a marble countertop. Veronika Kovaleva, architect: - I want to make a special emphasis on engineering. About 7-10 years ago we felt an acute need for household items that could fit into the classic interior. It was very difficult to endure a style unity - as long as manufacturers did not pay attention to this problem. Now several suitable series are released. We liked the equipment. Very advisable to take note. Editorial etk-fashion.Com in detail has studied the novelty which has grown fond to professionals. It turned out to be a line of kitchen equipment. The collection includes ovens, cooking surfaces (induction, glass-ceramic and gas), hoods and microwave ovens. Designers of the collection Electrolux Rococo created the equipment, presenting a new process of cooking. It combines an excellent appearance in the classical style and the latest professional technologies. There are already available plates and ovens. The main technical advantage of the oven Electrolux Rococo is the function of cooking dishes in steaming modes, which allows you to create fantastic dishes without much effort. Ease of use is brought to perfection:

  • The volume of the oven is increased by 25%, while the external dimensions of the device have not changed;
  • Telescopic guides can be moved to any level and push the tray with an easy touch;
  • Reliable metal handles do not heat up even at very high temperatures inside the oven;
  • The oven does not require time-consuming washing thanks toFunctions of steam cleaning. All the walls of the oven (except the bottom) are covered with catalytic enamel, where the contaminants themselves turn into ash at temperatures above 200 ° C. If the dirt gets between the glass doors, you can remove and wash them by hand or in a dishwasher;
  • In premium models, a pair function is availableOven. Steam combined with heating allows the dishes to stay juicy inside, but at the same time to bake outside. Professional chefs in restaurants prepare most dishes in combi steamers. Now you can use professional technologies at home, when 25% steam (CombiSteam) is added to the heating mode.

The collection includes two price segments andFour options for registration. Aesthetic pleasure delivers the result of combining the materials used - it's glass or enameled steel, metal fittings, decorative elements. Anna Papusha, architect: - The object is embodied at the end of 2015. The house, which is not too large, rectangular in cross-section, was originally designed to take into account all the wishes of the customer and to be as functional as possible. Initially, the customer wanted to get the interior in a modern style, but then realized that the elegant classic is not subject to the trends of fashion and has a timeless status. Anna Papusha, architect: - The manufacturer of a kitchen set - Martini Mobili, collection Plays on Design. Made of natural wood, worktop material - granite. Customers wish - interior solution in light, warm colors. In the decorative elements of the premises of the whole house a vegetative motive is traced - a peculiar feature of this project. In particular, in the kitchen this theme is supported by carvings on furniture, the decoration of the facades and the drawing on textiles. Bar stools (Trone Grande) also continue this idea, and the upholstery is specially chosen brighter to revive the quiet tone of the room, add color and contrast. The kitchen island has a function and a bar counter, where the owners can sit in a small company with friends, and places where you can have a snack, if you do not want to cover a large table. Anna Vasilyeva, interior designer: - The customers of this project are people aged over 50, lovers of classical style. Kitchen area of ​​20 square meters. M is equipped with Italian furniture Ca'd'Oro, model Fortuna. Since this is a country house, I wanted to make the interior fresh and get away from traditional colors in the furniture often used in our region. To make the classics easier, I introduced a little irony, which the customers willingly supported and accepted with pleasure. Anna Vasilyeva, interior designer: - It was decided to place a sink by the window to admire the garden of stunning beauty. And according to the project assignment, in addition to placing various household appliances, an additional storage space was provided in the form of beautiful showcases with lighting for dishes. Violetta Dolgova, designer: - It was tasked to make a four-room apartment from a three-room apartment, a wish for a classic style. The apartment is little illuminated on the north side, daylight sources - glazed balconies, which customers refused to attach. Therefore, the idea was born to put the white kitchen of the Italian factory Cesar Cucine, my favorite model Elite. She asked the character and style of the whole apartment. Elena Piasetskaya, designer: - An unusual story is connected with this kitchen - the architect was the customer! From the first moments of the only meeting in a manner to speak, according to precise formulations, he surprised by sketches with the approach to design and was very interested in this project. He was close to my work and we harmoniously embodied the idea of ​​an ideal kitchen. Easy classic, light and cozy - his wishes. The difficulty was in the decision about redevelopment, the customer did not immediately accept my version of the kitchen-dining room and scrupulously penetrated into the engineering part. But on the color scale, the materials were taken quickly. Kitchen literally from the first sketch was agreed. The project is embodied and the result we are satisfied. Classic style is timeless. It is harmony, practicality and durability. This style underscores the good taste of the owners, their status. And it is an excellent solution for the kitchen, as it conveys family values ​​and creates a pleasant atmosphere of home comfort. Thank you all for the provided material. The article also uses the works of the architect Vadim Matevosyants and photographer Tatiana Kovalenko.