Kitchen-living room in Khrushchevka: options for combining rooms

Many Russians are forced to live in smallapartments with small kitchens. Sometimes their area is not more than 5-6 m2. Naturally, in such a room it is even inconvenient to cook. A large enough family does not have the opportunity to get together at the same table. An exit from the situation can be a kitchen-living room, united from two rooms. And if you make a fantasy, then in the end you can get not only a spacious, but also unique in its design apartment. Kitchen-living roomIf the apartment has a small kitchen, then it can be expanded by merging with the living room.

Reshaping the premises in Khrushchev

As a rule, (so called apartments,located in houses built in the 60-70s of the last century) is not located in a separate room. This function is performed by one of the living rooms. But this is not the only drawback of such housing. Thinking of redevelopment, it is necessary to take into account the other minuses of the premises. These include:

  • A small height of the room, because of which it is impossible to zonate the room with a multi-level floor or ceiling.
  • Small in area bathrooms (often combined) and corridors. Therefore, they will not be able to expand the space at their expense.
  • Narrow window openings and lack of natural light.
  • In addition, the feature of these apartmentsis that all the walls in Khrushchev are considered to be bearable. Accordingly, independently they can not be demolished (neither fully nor partially). To redesign the apartment, you will also need a technical redevelopment project, which must be coordinated with the respective monitoring bodies. Picture 1. Common options for the location of rooms in the Khrushchev. And during the subsequent repair it is necessary to take into account that the approved project can not be retreated a single step. Bearing structures must be erected in strict accordance with the plan. And materials are required to use those specified in the documentation. But as a result you will get a spacious kitchen, combined with a living room. And when planning an alteration, you can take into account not only the individual design of the premises, but also your personal needs and needs. Back to contents</a>

    Merits and demerits of the association of the living room and kitchen

    Most often when rescheduling in Khrushchevuse 2 options. Combine the kitchen space with one of the rooms (living room). Or they attach a part of the combined bathroom to the room. But whatever method you choose, you need to start from the initial layout of the apartment. The simplest way to think about the forthcoming alteration is when you have a layout of the living quarters. It can be compiled independently or obtained at the BTI. The most common room layouts in similar apartments are shown in Fig. 1. Kitchen with living room, combined in one room, have a number of advantages. These include:

  • Expansion of the space not only of the guest, but also of the working area.
  • Possibility to cook food and serve it in one room.
  • In such a room, you can also equip places for recreation or hobbies.
  • There is an opportunity to use an individual design.
  • Figure 2. Re-planning of the Khrushchev. But the kitchen of the living room in Khrushchev has drawbacks:

    • the obsessive smells of cooking;
    • high humidity and indoor temperature;
    • the need for daily cleaning.

    Fat and dirt will inevitably settle on furniture andtextile design of the living room. And the sounds of running household appliances can prevent a feast or a family dinner. But you can cope with all these problems. Back to contents</a>

    Variants of apartment redevelopment

    Most people think that the KhrushchevIt is small that it is simply impossible to carry out a global alteration in it. But it's enough to show a little imagination, and your apartment can turn into a cozy loft or a stylish studio apartment. There are 4 basic types. The first involves the demolition of the wall between the two rooms. At the same time, the way out of the kitchen into the corridor is laid. Thus, it becomes possible to design a single space, divided into zones. An example of such a redevelopment is shown in Fig. 2. This method allows you to place in one room a working area equipped with a sink, a gas stove and basic household appliances, a dining area with a dining room and a living room. It can accommodate another table or bar, upholstered furniture, TV and book shelving. If desired, the living room area can be replaced by a study room with a computer or a desk. Figure 3. In a one-room apartment, you can remove partitions or replace them with screens and transparent piers. A young couple or a single person will feel good in a studio apartment. In such rooms, internal partitions are not provided, and the carrying functions are taken by columns that can set the basic design of the kitchen-living room. Most often this option does not imply the presence of a large zone allocated for cooking. With this lay-out, the main space is occupied by a living room combined with a study or a bedroom. For this type of alteration is most suitable single-room hruschevka. And if a person lives in an apartment alone, you can even tear down the walls between the bathroom, the kitchen and the corridor. They will be replaced by low or narrow piers, translucent panels, screens. Such a design will significantly expand the useful area, but will retain the necessary functional load on the zones. The design of such a room is shown in Fig. 3. This is not all the options with which you can combine the space of the kitchen and the living room in the Khrushchev. You can have your own ideas for redevelopment. But, thinking about the appearance of your future living room, do not forget about the comfort and convenience of people living in the house. Back to contents</a> Design OptionsThe premises in the Khrushchev area must necessarily be divided into functional zones. It is necessary to think over the design of the kitchen and the living room separately. Especially the increased space will allow you to realize even the most daring ideas. Figure 4. Walls and furniture in light colors visually expand the kitchen-living room. The kitchen lounge can be divided into areas using a variety of methods. But most often use the following methods:

    • architectural zoning;
    • visual separation;
    • logical division into zones.

    The first type includes methods thatneed to build additional architectural structures and elements. These include partitions, piers, static screens and panels. They are mounted from different materials, but the most popular is drywall, since it is easy to use and is inexpensive. But this method of zoning has a significant drawback. Any static construction clutters the already small room. The problem can be solved with the help of low partitions, bar counters, islands, etc. The fashion again includes carved and glass screens that visually expand the room, not stealing space. If the funds are sufficient, then you can apply and more exotic ways in the Khrushchev. Fashion designers advise to fence off part of the room with a large aquarium or a water wall. Decisions made in ethnic style look no less stylish. For example, at the moment at the peak of popularity are forged openwork partitions, which set the eastern style of the entire room. Zoning kitchen-living room can be made withthe help of various floor coverings. To visual zoning include those techniques that help to divide the room only visually. For example, you can use different materials to finish the floor and ceiling in the working and guest areas. Separate one object from another color scheme (the kitchen is made in one color, and the living room in the other). No less spectacular is a layered light. In the case of logic, large-sized furniture is used as borders or a septum is assembled, for example, from book shelving. This is the simplest and easily accessible way of zoning space, which does not require additional investment of funds. Back to contents</a> The rules of the design of the room Whatever the designkitchen of the living room you have chosen, it is worth observing the general rules that are developed by experienced professionals. They are not complicated at all, but they will help you to decorate your premises beautifully and competently. The design of the kitchen and the living room should be harmoniously combined in color.

  • The less the level of natural light in the room, the lighter the color of the decoration.
  • Do not use in the decoration of even a large room saturated, bright colors.
  • Different zones should look visually balanced.
  • The last rule is observed least often. Usually in the kitchen area is located overall and often dark furniture. At the same time the sitting room looks depressed by this massiveness. In order not to make a similar mistake when planning the appearance of your premises, listen to the following tips: Separate the living room and the kitchen can be with the help of a low partition, designed in the form of a bar counter.

    • choose kitchen furniture with light (but not glossy) facades;
    • opposite the kitchen module, make sure to place large furniture in the living room area;
    • visually divide the room with a low partition, bar counter or island.
    • Use the light coming from the floor to illuminate the work area.

    It is these techniques used in the interior,shown in Fig. 4. Remember that the zoned room should look like a space, combined with a stylistic solution. Finding suitable colors for an inexperienced person is quite difficult. Therefore, it is much easier to use different shades of the same color. Back to contents</a> Single decoration of the kitchen-living roomThe design of the kitchen allows the presence of furniture with bright facades. If you prefer this option, then use finishing materials of low-key colors: gray, sand, pale blue. This rule applies to both the work area and the living room. Remember the level of lighting in the room. In the Khrushchevs, the standard windows are rather narrow. And when you combine two rooms through the window openings of sunlight is not enough to illuminate the kitchen-living room. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of additional sources. It is reasonable to use multi-level lighting. It will not only provide sufficient comfort to people, but also help make the design even more interesting. Do not seek to provide one light source for the entire unified space. Large chandeliers in Khrushchev look cumbersome. In addition, they are ineffective. It is more reasonable to think over a separate lighting scheme for the working area and living room. In the kitchen, the central luminaire is often not needed. But you need light over the countertops, sink and stove. Additional point light sources will make the work of the hostess much more convenient. In the living room, it is necessary to provide an overhead light above the dining room. Such a chandelier or a group of lamps will be indispensable in days of celebrations and crowded feasts. You will need additional sconces and floor lamps in the recreation area. It is most reasonable to place them next to the upholstered furniture. And additional lighting of furniture will add color to the interior. Visually combine the kitchen and living room will help textile decor. Out of habit, many housewives hang different curtains in the kitchen and into the living room. But the design of the curtains can be executed in the same style. And the pattern on the fabric can be repeated in the design of bedspreads, blankets and kitchen trifles such as potholders and towels. Use similar decorative elements. For example, purchase flower vases, fruit bowls, glasses and jugs from the same model range. And they can be supplemented with the same beautiful napkins. Such trifles will help not only stylish, but also cozy.