Kitchen living room in a private house: design design solutions


Owners of private homes have an excellentThe opportunity to implement many of the design ideas that are not available to residents of apartment buildings. One of these ideas is the arrangement of the kitchen, which gradually turns into the living room. The organization of such a combined premise in a private home has many advantages. The main thing is the convenience and more rational use of space. Interior of living room combined with kitchenFigure 1. By combining the kitchen with the living room, you can significantly expand the space, and bring the hostess closer to the guests.

Advantages and disadvantages of the association

Combining the kitchen with the living room, the owners of the housereceive a comfortable functional room. Cooking becomes more comfortable due to the fact that the hostess does not need to go to another room. "Kolduya" over another dish, she can continue to communicate with their home and guests. The kitchen lounge is an ideal place to organize celebrations or parties. Do not need to constantly leave to bring drinks or check the state of the dish on the stove - all nearby (Figure 1). Figure 2. The scheme of installation of a kitchen hood. However, it is worth noting some features of such a combination in a private house. The solution of these issues should be paid attention at the design stage. Kitchen in a private house is difficult to imagine without stretching. (Fig. 2). Especially if it is combined with the living room. If the room will not be ventilated during the cooking process, then the aromas of food will soon smell all things. In order to solve the problem as much as possible, it is worthwhile to think about installing supply and exhaust ventilation in the kitchen area. Some inconveniences can be delivered and household appliances. For example, a mixer operating at high speeds can mute the sound of a TV or audio system. The combined layout influences cleaning. It will not be possible to leave the dishes in the sink "for later", as in an isolated kitchen. It will have to be washed immediately. Back to contents</a>

Separation of zones

When creating a general design of the kitchen and living room in a private house, it is necessary to take into account some rules that will help to arrange the room in accordance with the fashion trends and principles of expediency. Figure 3. Another option zoning - the placement of a dining table on the border of the living room and kitchen. With the help of special elements of the interior it is necessary to differentiate the zones. For example, install a bar counter. This is the most popular way to separate the kitchen from the living room. In addition, the bar can also be used as a dining table. The space under it is arranged for storing utensils and various kitchen trifles. An alternative to a bar counter can be a dining table (Figure 3). It is better if it is a multifunctional design. That part of it that faces the kitchen can be used as a work surface during cooking. It will be interesting to look at the device of the podium for a kitchen with a height of 100-150 mm. It will help to hide various communications. Another option zoning space can become a multi-level ceiling. The classic version of the interior design involves the installation of a 2-level ceiling only above the cooking area. For finishing the ceiling, only high-quality materials should be used. They should be waterproof and easy to wash. It is on the kitchen ceiling that the greatest amount of soot and fat accumulates. As an option, the ceiling can be suspended or laid out tiles. Figure 4. Separate the space between the living room and the kitchen, it is recommended using a partition, behind which to place a table or bed. Living room in a private house can be separated from the kitchen and with flooring. If the kitchen area is most suitable tile or linoleum, then in the living room is better to lay a laminate or carpet. The main requirement that is imposed on the floor covering for the kitchen is the lack of slip. The material should wash well and harmonize with the overall style of the room. If the house has retained such structural details as supports or uncovered wooden ceilings, so that they look harmonious, the tint of the floor should be selected in accordance with their color. To delimit space can be a clear color boundary, using the same material in different shades. For example, make the floor in one of the zones darker, and for walls use wallpaper of the same series, but different tones. Back to contents</a>

Other design solutions

Using different design ideas givesthe opportunity to emphasize the dignity and minimize the shortcomings of the combined premises in a private home. Design should have a "zest", which will make it unique. A screen can be used to separate the space (Figure 4). It will turn 1 large room into 2 in a matter of seconds. For these purposes, a rope blind (muslin) can also be used. She gently separates the bright kitchen from the living room area. Small indoor plants can become a hedge between two rooms. Figure 5. By combining the living room with the kitchen, you can mount a common fireplace to divide the kitchen area and rest area. Well, when the kitchen in a private house is equipped with built-in appliances. So much of the usable space is saved and it's easier to achieve a uniform style in the finish. Add coziness to the atmosphere of the kitchen can be due to a harmonious combination of the facades of kitchen furniture with the decoration of the walls. The working wall in the kitchen can be distinguished by lining it with ceramic tiles or other materials. The choice of furniture should be taken seriously. It is quite permissible to use different models, but they must be matched in a single color scheme. It will be appropriate to look simple kitchen stools and luxurious chairs around the dining table, made of the same material. The color of the countertop in the kitchen may resonate with the upholstery of the sofa or dining furniture. The decoration of the dining area depends on the availability of free space. If the room is spacious, then you can install a large table. Chairs can replace a chest-bench with a lifting seat. The space under the bench is used as a locker for storing different items. Separate the kitchen from the living room in a private house will help different lighting. The kitchen should be illuminated more brightly, and the living room should be filled with a soft muffled light. In the kitchen, above the work area, it is better to put spot built-in lamps, and decorate the living room with a chandelier, put a floor lamp next to the chair. Using photo wallpapers on one of the walls will add comfort to the living room and arrange for rest. In a private house, a combined kitchen and living room can be supplemented with an interesting element, such as a fireplace (Figure 5). It will be the part that will unite these 2 rooms.