Kitchen-living room: interior design in minimalism style


The old Khrushchev and the panel houses in which they livehalf the population of Russia, have not the best layout: small uncomfortable kitchens, scanty hallways, small living rooms. Even three-four-bedroom apartments do not please the layout. Small rooms, like cells, adjoin each other. Many owners of apartments have already begun to increase the area in small apartments, combining the kitchen with the living room. The layout of the kitchen and living roomFor small apartments combining kitchen and living roomis an excellent option that allows not only more functional and rational use of space, but also creates an original design. After redevelopment of the apartment, a large area is obtained. If we take into account the new buildings, which have a "studio" layout, you can easily make a kitchen-living room there. An open space without partitions will allow you to fantasize and create your own interior design as your heart desires. In the first case, in order to do the redevelopment, you will have to apply to the official bodies for permission, otherwise the load-bearing structures of the building can be disturbed. Fashionable design increases the area, emphasizing the style and modernity of the apartment.

Minimalism as a style in the interior

For not too large a space will suitminimalist style, strict and restrained, containing a minimum of furniture and other elements of the interior. This style will fit well into the interior of the spacious kitchen of the living room. Interior design does not involve anything superfluous, except for additions from natural materials: brick, wood, glass or metal. The minimalist living room is usually combined with the kitchen. To separate zones in the combined kitchen of the living roomIt is customary to use different floor coverings, lighting, floor or ceiling levels, as well as partitions, screens or flower pots. The interior design is characterized by light colors, the absence of pretentious wisdom and luridness in the drawings of the wallpaper. Particular attention is paid to furniture made in a geometric style with straight angles and rigid, straight lines. Decor can be present, but in limited quantities. Minimalism is not combined with a bunch of souvenirs, vases and other room attributes. Interior design in this style should consist of built-in appliances and open space. The kitchen of the living room should be kept in perfect order, there are inappropriate pans, plates, cupboards with crystal or decorative ornaments. This should be the style of minimalism. Everything is simple, cozy and tasteful. Back to contents</a>

Zoning as a delimitation of space

Perhaps the most important thing in design iszoning. That is, a specific decision on how the kitchen will be separated from the recreation area. If you think well, you can find a lot of ideas for the delimitation of space. For example, allocate a place for cooking with floor tiles, and the living area with other materials. This can be linoleum, laminate, parquet or other flooring. You can also create an interesting distinction by playing around with the height of the floor. In the kitchen, it can be made like a low podium. But here the difference in height should be taken into account, which is not very convenient. The interior design looks beautiful with multi-level ceilings. The kitchen area can also be distinguished by spot lighting, which will perfectly fit into the interior and will be useful as additional lighting. Another interesting interior design of the separation of the kitchen area from the living room is the bar counter. It should be as light, practical and laconic as all minimalist home furnishings. It is successful to distinguish between the area of ​​the bar counter and different types of flooring.