With your own hands

You are my lace, lace! Decorative collage of mirrors for the bathroom: master-class


Lace never goes out of fashion. How to apply them in the bathroom decor, to refresh the interior without extra costs and effort, you can learn from our master class. The mirror in the bathroom is a familiar thing and even trivial. Another thing - the original collage of several mirrors, framed with exquisite lace. Do you have any idea how it will look like? Then look! Now that you are burning with the idea of ​​doing something like this in your bathroom, it's time to move on to our master class.

You will need:

  • round mirrors of various sizes (it is desirable that their thickness does not exceed 3 mm);
  • lacy napkins for cakes (they are resistant to moisture, since they are made of paper impregnated with paraffin), the dimensions of the cores correspond to the diameters of the mirrors;
  • Spray paint (color - your choice);
  • scissors;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • liquid nails or glue pads.

Step 1

Having prepared all the necessary materials and tools, you can start working. First, paint the napkins in the desired color with a spray paint and set them aside so they dry up.

Step 2

Paste the back of each mirror with a double-sided adhesive tape, and then trim the unnecessary edges.

Step 3

Check if the paint on the napkins has dried. If so, remove the protective layer from the double-sided tape that you have pasted the mirrors, and place them in the center of the napkins that match the diameter of the napkins downward. Press firmly.

Step 4

So, your products are ready.Now all that remains is to attach them to the bathroom wall to create a decorative collage. Decide exactly where you want to place the mirrors. Degrease the surface to ensure they are firmly in place and start hanging. You can use liquid nails as a mounting material. However, in this case, it will be difficult for you to outweigh the mirrors (if you want to rearrange the collage). Therefore, it is better to use, for example, glue pads. We took tesa Powerstrips: they provide a more secure hold than regular double-sided tape, and at the same time can be used several times, that is, they can be re-glued from place to place. Now that each element of the composition is securefixed in its place, you can only be proud of the work done and rejoice at how the original collage of lacy mirrors transformed the interior of your bathroom. homestory.rp-online.de